Great Tower site- Italian Alps?

So having skimmed the Great Tower section in Hermetic Projects and loved the concept, I had one of the PC's hear about it as they travelled the Via Francingena. Unfortunately I was woefully under-prepared so, quickly flipped through the Rome Tribunal PDF and spotted Luctatio. Ideal, its a Spring Covenant full of energy, and just south of the Alps and filled with hyper-ambitious, tigher blooded Tytalus. In my game the Tytalus are the magi with the ego to challenge God Himself (they tried outwitting the Devil in their diabolism phase, now they've turned to competing with another Realm....) so building the Great Tower to breach the Celestial Boundary and be as gods is right down their alley.

It was only later, that I remembered the Alps are in the Greater Alps Tribunal, so perhaps I was looking in the wrong book. But then the nearest Covenant to Luctatio (east of Milan) is probably either Taraggon Vale or Cave of Twisting Shadows. And the Tarragon Vale magi both loved their celestial metaphysics and had heirs even though their Covenant members vanished, leaving behind a fortune in Vis...

So, in the year 1224 of my game, this thought occurred to me. One or more of the Tytalus Magi in Luctatio are the Heirs of Tarragon Vales missing Parens. They have now legally inherited all that nice Terram Vis and have inherited the lands of the Vale as well. In that secluded fastness, they are now laying the foundations and lower stories of the Great Tower!

Now I know the Alpine Tribunal doesnt like incomers or immigrants, but they are also fairly hands-off, so perhaps they dont yet know how much the new Luctatio masters of Tarragons Vale are up to?

Thoughts on this odd inter-Tribunal set up? Any other problems I havent thought of? Being so close to Rome, I'd imagine Church involvement would also kick off, even if those Swiss Archmagi dont either join in or earthquake the Tower...


Timothy Fergusson said not long ago that the problem with the Alps magi is NOT immigrants, but lack of resources and manners. If you are rich and do not bother them, there is not much problem with you immigrating there. So a bunch of magi keeping to their own issues would be no problem to them since they have the resources to support themselves. The setting will be OK, the only thing I can see is that the dudes will need to declare if they are Alpine or Roman magi: you cannot belong to both tribunals at once!


I roundly support the building of the Great Tower in the Greater Alps. I mean, I'd support it anywhere, but Luctatio? Crossing the border? Taking their inheritance and building something so audacious? Love it.

It's been a while since I've read Sanctuary of Ice, but I think I recall correctly two things. Firstly, they do things by the book up there. My take is that no matter how much they might grumble and tut, someone is going to confirm inheritance and then Luctatio are in. But the magi of the Greater Alps do have the right of exile, I think. I believe that they can renounce one magus' right of residence each Tribunal. I can't remember whether that is for a limited period (say, another Tribunal) or there are conditions of return imposed. They may be inclined to use that to whittle away at Luctatio or to at least disrupt their gaudy showing building project.

But being Luctatio, I'm sure they'll be able to fit others up as looking more dangerous or disruptive and somehow make their aims a benefit to others.


Has Luctatio appeared in your games before Mark? Or have they appeared outside of the 20 year old Tribunals: Rome, cos I hadnt heard about them before, but they certainly do seem to be a dynamic force for sh*t-stirring in the Tribunal.


They have indeed appeared in my games before. I used to run a saga set in the Roman Tribunal (there are some allusions to that in one published book and possibly one so-far-unannounced book) with our magi based quite near to Luctatio. Our dealings with them were... not always cordial. Apart from their playing one city off against another, they also kept prodding away at our covenant.

I can't remember there being much information on their magical prowess, but I probably glossed over that anyway and just went for the idea of a bunch of magi not afraid to kick the anthill and see what happens. So long as they could make it look like someone else kicked it.