Greater Alps Covenant

We're setting it in the Greater Alps, on the French side, rather east of Nice, though not near the ocean.

How Anachronistic would it be to find a wild section of land that hasn't really been tamed?

I read a book about explorers last year (it was called Off the Map) and one of the people mentioned was an 18th century gentleman who just went to higher elevations in the Alps than anyone had ever been before. So if you want to go to incredible mountain goat heights it wouldn't be anachronistic to find unused land.

I don't know much about land suitable for human habitation, but my gut says it would be an anachronism.

Without checking medieval maps, not at all anachronistic!

The majority of Europe was still heavily forested, and only around truly major cities were forests disappearing, (and that depended largely on the industry there.)

Vast rolling farmland, ~that~ is anachronistic. :wink:

You know, even nowadays (or at least when I was growing up there), there were still quite significant patches of brush in Provence (and they go up in flame regularly, too), so even in the east, even without seeking mountain pastures, untamed land should be available.

Innnteresting, thanks.

Ridiculously heavy Aura, the place is warped all to hell, so we've got a big ole forest and a giant tree for a home.

Picture I found for it.
The Great Tree Covenant
Consider yourselves complicit in our madness. ;D
...which is pretty whacked, yes.