Greater Malediction - ideas needed!

A character in my new campaign has selected the above Flaw and suggested a kind of super-Susceptibility to Infernal Power. I'd like the effects to be mostly mechanical as she has quite enough Story and Personality flaws going on but I haven't come up with anything that feels interesting or balanced. She's a Merinita who has been mostly raised by faeries. Perhaps some kind of major weakness to "dark faeries" rather than Infernal? Any thoughts that you might have would be gratefully received!

The RoP:TI p.88f Greater Flaws Evil Destiny or False Power may be the result of infernal curses, and hence consequences of a Greater Malediction. Such flaws greatly condition a character, so need careful vetting with player and troupe.
If the character already has enough Story Flaws, Evil Destiny might be problematic - but any weakness wrt the Infernal implicitly conditions stories already.


There are some interesting ideas to work with in the False Power flaw. Thank you for pointing those out. I might try and throw her a curveball so that it looks like her problems are with the Infernal when, actually, they are with Unseelie faeries opposed to the path she is taking (or, rather, the path she has been thrust down by various manipulative individuals). Some variant of False Power could work with that, perhaps.

I have to try and steer myself away from adding in more Story for this character. It's my wife's character so, as you might imagine, I find it really easy to write plot for her. Must make sure the Saga is balanced when handing out the grief and woe!