Greater Medieval Beastiary

I know the book of mundane beasts and House of Hermes: Mystery cults have information for making various beasts but have people actually worked out the stats for any creatures to suppliment the ones published.

The one that I am specifically looking for is a Dolphin but I would love to see all those that people have managed to work up.

I did a rough dolphin for a shapeshifter some time ago:

0 intelligence
-1 perception
-3 presence
-6 communication
2 strength
2 stamina
0 dexterity
-1 quickness

Puissant Swim
Pursuit Predator

init att def dam
+1 +3 -1 +2

Not exactly the same thing, but related: over at Project: Redcap I have started a big index that will list all the creatures published in the game, both alphabetically and by Realm and category. So far it has all the mundane and magical creatures (except magic plants) from the core book and RoP:Magic. I'm working on RoP: Faerie now.

Edit: Oh, I should give the URL. It's ... ture_index

Eventually I hope this will be a place for people to add their own creations, as I have done with the skeleton. ladyphoenix, may I copy your dolphin statistics over to Project: Redcap?

I suspect that there will be stats for a dolphin in Sundered Eagle, since there is a Bjornaer called Delphini in the Aegea covenant

Well, I am going to try my own since from the Medieval Beastiary, Dolphins are listed as smart and communicative like song birds and fastest fish in the sea and following boats for the music. I will look forward to the version in sundered eagle if there is one but the name of the Bjornaer seems more to imply from Delphi or delphi area than dolphin.

Cun: -3, Per: -2. Pre: 0, Com: 0
Str: 0, Sta: 1, Dex 0, Qik:3
Qualities: Pursuit predator, Vocal, Imposing appearance, good Jumper
Virtues/Flaws: Pussient Swimmer, Perfect balance, Carefree, Weakness: Music
Abilities: hunt 4 (fish), Brawl 2 (bite), Swim 5 (Sea), Survival 3 (sea), Awareness 2 (FIsh), Music 3

(Source: for inspiration)

A dophin from delphi dove deep in the dreary drink.

It's just possible I'm running a high fever.

I might suggest a higher Cunning than -3. Dolphins, even mythic ones, are supposed to be pretty smart.

I can do that. The goal is for people to post all the mundane beasts they have statted out to supplement the book of mundane beasts. I have stats for Fox and beaver somewhere around that I will post later.

Tuna tastes best with a little dolphin mixed in :mrgreen:

You missed Amphibious.

Hmm? Mistake or something i missed? Eels and alligators are certainly amphibious but i cant say i know any dolphins moving about much overland(for real or mythically unless i missed something completely)...


Very smart even(at least most of the time). Enough so that they may very well warrant getting Intelligence instead of Cunning.
But personally i think they should have at least +2 or +3 to Cunning. (or somewhere between -5 and +2 Intelligence depending on exactly what kind of "mythic" you model from, and possibly on an individual basis as well)
Killer whales are another animal that might deserve unusually high Cunning or maybe, possibly on an individual basis at least a very low Intelligence score for a rare few.

Oh you wicked barbarian!

That would really be VERY nice indeed, i dont think i nor any of the SGs ever came up with any kind of standards in this area so it would certainly be very good to get some baselines on what people think.

What, are you of the school "dolphins are fishes"?
It's Aquatic or Amphibious, either way a Quality is missing.

Dolphins go by the baseline of Fish (from pliny which give them their abilities) including a swim 5. Aquatic only gives them what they already have for swim and lets them breath water but as you can see by Pliny (and more modern knowledge too) that they breath air from their back so it is inappropriate.

Amphibious might be appropraite but they already have the swim speed and holding breath twice as long is debatable. They really aren't amphibans thus that quality is left off.

I can see a cunning of +1 or +2 perhaps.