Green and Orange Monks Conversion for Feng Shui 2

Is there a conversion for the Green and Orange Monks? I'm able to get the stats updated but I'm not really sure what the schticks/skills should be for Green and Orange Principles. Anyone have any advice from official or homebrew?

This was discussed 15 years or so back in another thread:

Jeff Tidball was kind enough to list the schticks for them.

Those are the Principles, but the associated schtick mechanics are from 1st edition, when foes still had Chi to burn (and actual Fu schticks to keep track of).

I'd probably house-rule them as follows (note that these have not been play-tested, and have merely been eyeballed with reference to the copy of Back For Seconds that I managed to get after I made that original post) ... again, for flavour details and background information, you'd still need a copy of that.

The Orange Principle
Named Orange Monks gain +1 AV to Martial Arts when attacking 2 or more opponents in one action (so, effectively, they can attack 2* heroes at once with a -1 penalty rather than a -2), which should be an entertaining surprise for everyone concerned.
Given their stated aptitude at facing multiple opponents, I'd be tempted to give them the Back To The Wall foe schtick as well to reflect that. Alternatively, as they are also supposed to be able to quickly adapt to their opponent's techniques, the Copy Cat or Monkey See, Monkey Crouch foe schtick might be appropriate, or possibly a new Quick Study schtick that increases their Defence against a particular hero by +2 until the next Keyframe after being hit by that hero.
(* Changed from 3 to 2 because they no longer use actual Fu Schticks, so the other ability wouldn't apply, and I can't see many circumstances under which a foe could feasibly try to multi-attack three heroes in the same action in FS2.)

The Green Principle
Named Green Monks can root themselves to the spot for the rest of the sequence. I'm not entirely certain how useful this would actually be, but could be interesting if they are barring the way into a room where another villain is doing something nefarious, meaning that they must be defeated before the nefariousness can be interrupted.
However, I'd probably give them a pretty high Toughness as well, and/or the Hard As Nails foe schtick, but they might well have a lower Speed, reflecting the fact that they tend to be able to shrug off damage, but also tend to move slowly, as befits the Path they follow.

That's my take on them, anyway - other people probably have different ones.