Green Jammers

This post on Reddit about shotgun shells loaded with seeds got me thinking applying it to a post-apocalypse setting, with someone who justified their violence as reclaiming the earth from the humans for the plants, like a violent Johnny Appleseed. Or something. Blam! Instant fertilizer.

But then I realized something like that could apply pretty well in FS, specifically to the Jammers - maybe an offshoot, maybe a specific subset of eco-terrorists. A couple of Jammers know that something big is about to go down at a powerful site, grab their specifically prepared shells, and go to town.

The notion could be expanded to include just about any weapon that leaves something behind: bullets, arrows, explosives, and artillery could all be tools of percussive horticulture, distributing seeds, saplings, and vine cuttings.

Jammers playing a bit of a long game (or simply scooting their way to an earlier juncture) could use these tools to plant something that would help alter the local area over time. Sure, a conflagration is always fun, but things get rebuilt - though if vines crack the supporting rocks, or a single tree resembling a spear is stabbing at the heart of a courtyard, or a young forest is now covering the area, a site may not return to its former potency as easily.

Of course, they may also inadvertently create new sites.

These green Jammers would likely feel some sort of moral superiority on account of seeing themselves as saving the environment while fighting the secret war.