Greetings and curious


I am new to the boards, and just wanted to say I enjoy the concept of this game. I hope that Atlas will have a presence at Origins. Also, Has anyone try to convert Fronsac and Mani from "Brotherhood of the Wolf".



Welcome and thanks. Not sure what Atlas has planned for Origins, I'll let John or Michelle field that one. I haven't actually seen "Brotherhood of the Wolf,", but when I saw the trailers, I remarked, "Who's been reading my Northern Crown manuscript? :wink:

It winds up coming off like someone who had watched Hero, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and House of Flying Daggers before devising an adventure set in Uropa. It's fun, with some creative concepts, but like most wuxia films, it shouldn't be taken too seriously going in. I'd rate it as significantly better than the D&D movie*.

*Which may not be mentioned at my gaming table. You will lose XP.

I was wondering also has any converted Jack Styles and Emilia Rothchild from Jack of all Trades

I'm a big Bruce Campbell fan and I vaguely remember this short-lived show. His character would be an agent class, maybe with a bit of the rake in him?