Grimoire of Daimons

I will add sme later, but I wanted to create a place where we can add suggestions for daimons that anyone is free to borrow for a campaign...

Awesome Idea, I'll try to contribute a few.

First offering is a bit broken and yet obvious:

Founder of (mystery group)
the founder of an initiatory mystery group which includes theurgical mysteries, might being arround 20, this is a lesser aspect of the true daimon that was ceremonially raised. The primary service this lesser aspect offers is that it's presence+organization lore total is upwards of 21 and possibly above 30, allowing the daimon to act as mystagogue for initiating abilities without any script bonuses. Any initiation normal to the tradition is one the Daimon will already know a bonesless script for, and it may invent such a script for any new virtues within a season.


"Brokenness" can be mitigated by setting the Might higher, requiring a greater investment. After all, this kind of daimon ought to be powerful. Note that if the Daimon invents a new script, the Aspect still does not necessarily have it; a different Aspect might be needed.

It can also be mitigated by including a Quest that the Daimon would want. After all, the Daimon decides what scripts it wants to invent, and since it is the founder, its devotees have been indoctrinated to expect an appropriate Quest to prove oneself and even look down upon something insufficiently onerous.

There are no rules for dealing with knowledge that doesn't involve xps, so RAW, a Daimon can indeed learn, invent and retain scripts without dealing with the usual baggage.



It depends in part on how benevolent the Daimon is in creating this aspect. On the selfish side it is something that can be a great draw for investing vis in calling it at lower levels, allowing the daimon itself to grow more powerfull and develop other, stronger aspects. Note that the Daimon's main might has a minimum of 40...

Heka Might 50 Vim
Heka is a minor Egyptian Goddess, who was considered the embodiment of magic. She is capable of creating new anchors to establish a magical aura of 1 where there was no aura before. Normally this aura will be a hundred paces across, unless she is working within a divine aura, in which case if the divine aura is 2 or lower she is able to create a lacunae up to 10 paces across. It should be noted that Heka will not agree to perform this service simply because her aspect has been summoned, but will require a bargain to be struck in addition.
Additionally Heka is associated with the earthly spirits of the dead (magical ghosts) and may create or summon such a spirit from a corpse or arcane connection to a corpse of any deceased person. If Egyptian mythology is to be recognized as authority in this power this ability is unaffected by the soul of the person having moved on to any eternal reward or punishment because what is summoned is their spirit and not their soul. This ability is so far outside the range of hermetic magic that many theorize these spirits are simply aspects of Heka's own existence modeled after some form of psychic impression in the corpse, similar to the spell whispers through the black gate receiving answers from a body instead of a spirit, though her ability clearly still overcomes boundaries the hermetic spell does not. The spirits raised by the use of this power have their own magic might and might pool, distinctive from the way Daimons function.