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Yah, sorry. Unless anyone wants to take over and covert him/her into a companion or actual statted out grog, that's the idea I had when I created her. With my original idea, she's secretly in love with Fati. Fati knows she's female, but refuses to marry her because she's a Jew. If anyone chooses to pick her up and would prefer NOT having her be a transvestite, then he's just Noland, a really good buddy of Fati's.

Nah, s/he's stat'd out as much as we need, but the wiki isn't a place to keep up secrets and pretenses. Next time I edit that page, I'll mark her as a transvestite.

No, I like it!!! :smiley: Keep it up!

Would I be correct in assuming that Captain Abdul speaks some least enough to be able to communicate with his Castilian troops?

Yes. At least 3's in Castilian and Latin, maybe even a 4 in Castilian, considering how long he's been out here. And a smattering of pretty much every language along the Mediterranean. The Saladin Malmut army conquered everywhere, but the Muslims were extremely tolerant, much more so than the Crusades that followed. Many Jewish communities actually prospered more under Saladin's rule than under the Roman Catholic Church's demenses. Even Christians (well, those not put to the knife) did well, although not as well as those of other religious persuasions. His primary is of course Arabic though, and prefers the musical cadence of it to everyone else's barbarian tongue. :slight_smile:

So would that be Well Traveled or Linguist?

Not that he needs a character sheet, just thinking out loud.

Due to Viscaria's interest in the Confraternity of Samos, she needs to learn Music 1 before she can advance to the next circle, so I am wondering if any of our Teachers play music.

Not like any of her sodales are musically inclined or anything. :stuck_out_tongue: Didn't see anything in the Teaching Ability description that says what level you have to have of an ability before you can teach it. So...hmmm....ponders

page 164

Ah. Got it. Thanks. Off to the practice-orium!

I guess the idea of a magi spending his season gaining Exposure xp to Teaching seemed waseful to me. ~shrug~

Fati can actually teach how to Teach. If you approach him with the idea he'll probably blink a couple of times in surprise, but he has the stats for it and could do it. Quality 18 one on one, Quality 15 if teaching two people, quality 12 if a "class", same as if he was teaching Single Weapon.

I'm glad to see someone around here speaks the King's English :laughing:

Between these desires and the Loyalty rules, I may need you to stat him out...before the end of 1213.

Odd question: is there any particular reason why those meddling kids are listed in the "Atheist and Inhuman Inhabitants" section of the wiki instead of (presumably) the Christian Inhabitants?

Scotum's crew, or Vicaria's? Viscaria's specialists all have Faerie Upbringing, while her yet-to-be-discovered grog Ursula worships hammers.

I meant Augustus and Brigitte. points to subject line

They and Molly and are supposed to be athiest. They'll go through any motions to appease anybody - (okay, I know this is going to sound bad but) - they're like Christians who only go to Church on Easter and Christmas - or Jews that eat kosher but can't name any other part of their religion.

You know that this is EXTREMELY out of period? Even more unusual that paganism? Especially in mythic europe, where miracles and angels exist: There, to not believe in god would be a severe delusion.

Maybe it is difficult for you to have characters who are religious, but then, it's easy: As always in history, there were a lot of people that, albeit christian, gave lip service to the church and weren't even good christian (See frederick II for an exemple of a character in conflict with the church). It'd be a lot more credible to have your characters be at least nominally christians, even if their faith ain't that strong.
Hell, I remember when I was 6, I still believed in god, yet I didn't like to do my prayers or going to church. That didn't made me an atheist.

There are a reasonnable number of people like what you want around me. Hell, yesterday, I went to the restaurant with a "muslim" friend that believes in God, yet doesn't do ramadhan because she thinks it is stupid and that God doesn't care about that.

So, for exemple, they could very well have in theory traits such as Believe in God +3 and Bad Christian +3.

Believe in God -3 & Appear Pious +3 perhaps

I was told , that there was no middle ground with Belief.
If you were not for God , you were against Him.

This is quite the contrary to what I was trying to convey, that his characters can very well believe in god but not attend mass very much (or even not at all). A lot of peasants were like this.
Your exemple does the contrary: They do not believe in god (major anachronism, and about as realist as a covenfolk that doesn't believe in magic) but attend mass regularly, confess quite often, pray every day... The whole works