Hey guys. Some of you may have the "Grogs" book and have seen the 'training packages' system for building grogs quickly. A while back, I put together a spreadsheet (MS Excel 2007) with macros to use this system to create grogs. I've put it in my Hiddenhall directory on GoogleDrive (link here) so if you like, go ahead and download it.

What it does is give you a method to pick training packages and basic stats. It then exports your choices into a character spreadsheet (which needs to be saved) where you can complete the character (including name, virtues, flaws, etc...) and likely tweak the XP distribution of the training packages

Its been a while since I looked at it, but I'm 99% sure it's working correctly. I'll review and double check though later.

I gave it a quick try, the fifth package is not working. I don't have the Grog book anyway, so I'll probably design any grog I want manually. Or rather with my own personal Excel spreadsheet for creating AM chars :slight_smile: Not as neat as yours, but I know it inside out so it serves me well.