grogs of epidauros

markos has no score for area lore:epidauros, and also is 60 points shy in abilities for his listed age.

Added score in Area Lore, 2, 15xp
Typo with score in Folk Ken, should have been 3, 15xp.
Raised his Faerie Sympathy from +1 to +2, 10xp
I put 75 total xp into Profession: Apothecary so should be a score of 6 with 5 xp left over in case that wasn't counted in your total.
But that still leaves 5xp... I am not sure I will try and track it down.

But here's the spreadsheet I used to make him.

On second thought, if you're cool with Noncombatant being a flaw he gained from warping I might swap out Noncombatant for that flaw that gives you a warping score of 1 and the Noncombatant flaw as the flaw he got from that... seems appropriate to the aura he's been in for much of his life at least. though I assume most of the warping is from misguided attempts to fix his hand.

After checking a couple times I can't find the stray 5 points.

Ok, Sorry, found a really dumb mistake I did in the calculations on my sheet (entered 2215 instead of 2415, the first 5 years of life are accounted for elsewhere).

Increased Folk Ken 3->4, 20xp.
Increased Guile 1->2, 10xp.
And 5xp into Faerie Lore but that doesn't get me to a 2.

Hope its good now.

that actually puts you 5 points over age 29, which if you take out the bonus 5xp in faerie lore means you are good. If you want to swap flaws to increase your warping you can, but it is not necessary- with faerie blood you can take the sympathy at 2 with no warping, you would only need warping to take the sympathy up to level 3.

WRT warping, it was more flavor around "They tried to fix him" than thinking I needed to up my warping. Figured the Faerie Blood and Faerie Sympathy virtues stacked when it came to allowable Sympathy level. And consider the 5 extra xp in Faerie Lore removed.

I added a Grog to Epidauros, he's disfigured but not missing a hand or anything.

Ioannes is fine, but I'm unsure why you have martial for the category he can learn as a custos when that is already covered by warrior, and he could have easily taken academic to allow him to learn artes liberales or some beginning medicine or other abilities he might have picked up at the hospital

Because I wasn't gonna give him any Arcane or Academic abilities.