grogs of polyaigos

minoas needs another 50 points in abilities to be age 22, plus his leadership is a bit low to be leading a turb unit.

Huh. I must have miscalculated somewhere. I'll edit him and maybe move some from Carouse.

Added 45 xp to Leadership, making it 5, with 5 xp on balance. Removed 15 xp from Carouse, 20 xp on balance. Added 20 xp to Thrown, making it 4., 0 xp on balance.

okay... load 6 gives a burden of 3 with a str 2 leaves encumberance of 1, not 0...
the abilities do add up,

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Norman is a concentration of langue d'oil, often referred to as French. Norman French is thus a concentration, and cannot have a concentration.
Turulf's abilities add up to age 24, not 25, unless I have missed 15 points somewhere...

I'll check that out once I get home.

minoas is approved

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I have added a young teacher of Latin, Classical Greek, and Artes Liberales to Polyaigos' grogs.
Luciano the Unlucky

Luciano does not have a score for area lore:naples

Fixed. His score in AL: Naples is 2.

by my calculations Luciano still has 35 points to spend

Just to make sure he's got:
45 from childhood
270 from "early life" 23-5=18, 18*15
90 from Baccalaureus, can only be spent on Latin & Artes
50 from educated, can only be spent on Latin & Artes

455 total.

Is this the same calculation you have?

yes, I'm showing he has spent 420, but will double check that I didn't miss an entry or two...
it looks like I had mis-entered something, he is only 5xp short

Checked twice and I did miss a Ride of 1 but nothing else.

and that would be the missing 5, character accepted

Oh, was 35 a typo?

no, for some reason I had put his classical greek score as a 3 instead of a 5, which accounted for 30xp

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I've looked over Turulf's MetaCreator file and there doesn't seem to be anything I've missed when I wrote his page. According to MetaCreator he adds up to 445 XP spent.

On the more positive side, I've switched his native language to just French (with a specialty in rude words), and I've added the area for his Area Lore.

I double checked my calculations, and it turns out I had missed 30 points, leaving Turulf with 460 xp in abilities, which would put him at age 26.

abilities with experience points:
French 0, byzantine greek 50, area lore:mediterrainean 30, athletics 30, awareness 30, bows 50, brawl 50, carouse 30, charm 15, etiquette 15, great weapon 50, guile 15, single weapon 75, survival 5

incidentally, I generally don't trust metacreator

okay, I had a floater level 2 ability on the spreadsheet, Turulf is approved