Grogs of the levant

a monk cannot have feral upbringing- a feral character, by definition, is unfamiliar with human society, and thus unable to take monastic vows

additionally you appear to have 635 points in abilities, which would make this character just over 44 years old. Even if I assume that the falcon only abilities are paid for by qualities or other heartbeats mechanisms, this only accounts for 220 xp, though 5 points is because you should have listed the heartbeast ability as being 45 points instead of 50, unless you want it to be at 4(5)...a similar issue applies to animal ken, and of course your flaw of feral upbringing gives you 75 xp from your native language that you won't be able to use from other abilities...
plus the character as written now is traveling through Thebes where almost nobody speaks Latin and the only language he speaks is Latin...

About the language issue for Falk I have 30 Byzantine Greek 3 (Demotic), so sure not all that great but that should do it.

For the point counting I spotted that I added the 30 point ability Byzantine Greek 2x in the final list.
After fixing this issue and the issue with the supernatural ability I get to 375 exp what result in 17+5 years old if I count the wrongly used feral upbringing flaw.

Did you maybe count the ability in falcon shape, that are replacing most of the human shape General Ability, as well? They where just placed there for fast reference what ability I have to use in falcon shape. According to my understanding of HoH:MC 23 they are coming direct from the shapechange and not from learning!

For the intended story it was:
~7 years living as wild beast that found by an eagle Bjornarer who discovered the Gift in this child.
~11 years apprentice time mostly living in at the Mountain today called Zugspitze (border area between Bavaria and Austria) till he lost his gift.
Rest time pilgrimage toward Jerusalem over Rome with a longer stop near Constantinople because he found a partner there what also forced him to learn this language.
(to be a lay member of a monastery was a earlier plan for why he was stopping the pilgrimage near Constantinople but love is a much better reason)

Because the Grog have to be continued with character development way in the next years after the pilgrimage till Levant starts, I original placed 5 exp on both 1200 spring and summer with 0 exp planed for winter and Autumn the adventure as 5 exp costing break from the normal development.

As I'm not allowed to use feral upbringing I will have to take High German as mother language and reduce Animal Ken to 4 what in total a increase of 50 pts (resulting in 3 more years and the summer 1200 5 exp not spent so far)

Go ahead and make the changes on the character sheet, removing the points for the duplication of Greek and the eagle abilities I can add native High German and still get age 22 for the character, but I will see how the revised character looks.

Because of limited time I just fast made the ability changes mentioned.
I now get 335 Exp what means 19+5=24 year and 1 season if my math is correct.

at 45 points heartbeast should be 4, not 5. If you raise to to 70 points that would make it 5, which by my tally puts you at 375 xp, which would make you age 27, where you are currently 5 points over age 25, at 350 xp. I apparently had some calculation errors in my "what if" assessment earlier.

Ups sorry about this mistake fixed it now to Heartbeast 4. Was intended to have 6 (2 Sta+4 ability) + die roll.

we still need to straighten out the expenditure of experience points...

In the fast creation way you have 3 season a 5 exp and one with 0 exp, right?
So the 5 over is actual correct as he only can spend maximal 2 season in the game what means he will for sure get 1 season before the Autumn with the 5 exp!
Or are you saying to people wo i.e. start winter season and get there 2 or 3 exp. "ohh bad luck for you that is all you get for this year" ?

no, fast creation you spend 15 per year
extra seasons are lost.
In fact in Thebes, every character has started in summer without those 5 points you are referring to

I suspected it would be the 1st season of a year to be the 0 exp season and the following then the 5 or 10 exp ones (depending if 15 or 30 exp / year)

Edit: added 10 points to Profession Falconer and gave the Flaw Rolling Stone because he was constant on the move except for the last 2 or 3 years and now is moving again.(Age is now 26 except I messed up)