Please post a grog here :slight_smile:

I will make the Turb Leader (Though he will not necessrily be my shield grog). Please post:

a master bow/wilderness grog

a reconnaissance/Cityslick grog

a strong, built-as-a-rock grog (rhymes!)


an animal oriented grog

first come, first served :slight_smile:

I made the reconnaissance/Cityslick grog:

Name: Rogier
Age: 22 Size: -1
Decrepitude: 0 Gender: Male Nationality: Hollandic Height: 4ยด11" Weight: 102 pounds
Hair: black Eyes: 2 Handedness: Right Religion: Christian
Int -2
Per +2
Sta +1
Str +1
Pre 0
Com -1
Qui +2
Dex +2

Brave +2
Loyal 0
Self-dependant +2

Covenfolk (social, free)
Sharp ears
Social contacs: beggars
Puissant brawl

Small frame
Poor student
Nocturnal (personality, minor)

Hollandic: speaking to authority 5, native
Area Lore (Holland): towns 2
Athletics: running 2
Awareness: searching 4
Guile: Lying 2
Brawl: dodge 5+2
Carouse: staying sober 2
Charm: first impression 2
Folk Ken: townsfolk 2
Stealth: sneak 5
Swim: long distances 1
Ride: speed 1

Partial thin leather armor covered by a cloak, a dagger

Some combat stats:
Soak: +2
Dodge Init 2, Atk n/a, Dfn 10, Dam n/a
Fist Init 2, Atk 9, Dfn 10, Dam 1
Kick Init 1, Atk 9, Dfn 9, Dam 4
Bludgeon Init 2, Atk 11, Dfn 10, Dam 3
Dagger Init 2, Atk 11, Dfn 10, Dam 4

Rogier makes for a good spy and wont go down easy in a fight, his only weakness is his independence. He likes doing things in his own way.
He hates being bossed around but knows which hand feeds him at the end of the day.

Mostly taken from the Tough Guy template, with a few changes in Characteristics, V&F and Abilities - an Obelix twist, sort of. I'll put the math later on.

Cap'n of the Covenant

Name: Jahn Krueger
Age: 25 Size: 0
Decrepitude: 0 Gender: Male Nationality: Hollandic Height: 5ยด11" Weight: 175 pounds
Hair: blonde Eyes: blue Handedness: Right Religion: Christian
Int 0
Per +1
Sta 0
Str +1
Pre +1
Com +1
Qui 0
Dex +2

Brave +3
Loyal to covenant +2
Godly -1

Covenfolk (social, free)
Puissant Leadership

Venus' Blessing
Judged unfairly (Gay)

Speak Veluws: Strategy 5, native
Area Lore (Deventer and surroundings): the wild 2
Athletics: Acrobatics 2
Awareness: Social gatherings 3
Bow: Short 2
Brawl: Dirty tricks 2
Carouse: Lifting spirits 2
Charm: Men 2
Craft Armour: Chain 5
Etiquette: Magi 1
Folk Ken: Grogs 1
Leadership: giving Orders 5+2
Stealth: Night 2
Swim: rough waters 1
Ride: without saddle 2
Single Weapon: Long sword 5

Chain mail and long sword. Reasonably nice clothes

Jahn is the captain of the turb. He is fair and just and tries to maintain good spirits all around. The others don't know he is gay, yet he finds it increasingly difficult to maintain composure around them. He is really good at his job and thinks the Jerbiton and Tremere magi are the most easy to talk with.