Gruagach spell issue


I'm in Hedge magic, but have some troubles to understand how the spell "geas for the narcisstic maiden" is build.
(page67 HMRE)

This is a base 5 spell, +0 conversation +2 geas general prohibition. But this is also a "limit general prohibition" which is +2 ...
Why is the spell level 15 then?
I find myself a little confused.

Thanks for help!

I have to plead Serf's Parma on the exact page reference, but the Geas duration is always used in conjunction with the Limit duration (Limit, however, can be used without a Geas).

Anyway, the level of duration used is the greater of Limit or Geas. In this case both prohibitions are general giving a +2.

Hope this helps,

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Yes, you were of great help!

When you have time (or sbdy else), the page reference would be the cherry on the cake :smiley:

Certainly, the reference is on page 64 in the last paragraph of the "Geas (Condition) Duration" section.

Hope this helps,

Again, perfect help!