Gruagachan questions


One of my players has been looking at a gruagach as a potential PC, but is unsure about a few things:

  1. Gruagavh magic seems extremely (almost completely) centeerd around humans. But it also has a strong animal component. He has asked if the gruagachan can affect animals (curse a herd of cattle, for example) instead of cursing the fellon, for example. To me it sounds appropiate: "thou shall see your wealth die before your own eyes unless you restore the altar to Gruagach that you tore down recently". Seems adequate, but dunno if feasible under the gruagach rules.

  2. He also wants to know if a gruagach bitten by a venomous snake (for example) and that transforms into a tree for Moon duration would be continue to be affected by the venom and die in the process, or the transformation would protect him from the venom, and since the venom's effect would end before the spell, he would be able to survive the ordeal. Would that be possible? My idea is that this is a viable option, but I am not sure about it....

  3. We assume that granting a virtue that grants an ability (second sight, for example) would give it at a score of 4, but ther eis not a clear statement there. Natural magicians and the premonitions ability (GvVi) grant abilities at level 4, but just to be sure :slight_smile:


Serf's Parma, but I'll be sure to check when I get home. In the meantime...

  1. I agree. Gruagachan must speak to their target, but it is specifically stated that the target need not understand the words. Therefore, I'd be perfectly comfortable allowing the gruagach to affect animals or even supernatural beings.

  2. I'm not really sure either...

  3. I'm pretty sure Gruagach Virtues do give a value of 4 because I was sure to double-check all the guidelines when designing the spells for my Non-Hermetic Grimoire and one of those spells does indeed grant Embitterment 4.

More questions.

  1. Do the stuff carried by the gruagach (or other people he transforms) transform with him? I recall reading that yes, it did, but I have been totally unable to find it, so I am prertty much doubting it now...

  2. Can a gruagach modify several parameters of a spell? Say he wants to modify the target AND the Duration by 1 magnuitude each. Is that possible?

  3. Have you noticed that the magicians of Willow are perfect examples of gruagachan in action? :laughing:

  1. Gruagachan can ignore any form requisites when transforming themselves so I'd say yes.

  2. I think so, but I've never actually altered any of the parameters other than Duration so I'll have to check later...

  3. :blush: Never got around to seeing that movie... Sounds good though!

I don't have my book with me, but off the top of my head, I'll try to respond.

A Grugach curse can affect non-Corpus based things. The effects are up to the storyguide and troupe to determine if they are reasonable and appropriate to the power level of the curse. Cursing cattle is definitely appropriate for the Highlands.

I think this would be treated in the same way as a Hermetic magus changing into a tree for a month to wait out a Moon Duration effect. That is to say, I don't think there is any explicit rule allowing or prohibiting it, but that varies by troupe. I'd personally allow it.

That is correct. Both Learned Magicians and Gruagachan grant Virtues with Abilities at level 4. This should be in the introduction to the Form description. If it's not there, I'll report it as errata to the Line Editor.

Yes. This should be in the spell guidelines. Shape changing is one area where Gruagachan surpass Hermetic magi. This effect is good and bad. If your shillelagh turns into a tree when you Take the Ancestors' Form, it's going to bounce off of Parma Magica, but at least you don't need to create new clothes everytime you change shape.

A gruagach can change several parameters as long as the total level change stays within his cap.

Interesting. Are you talking about Willow the movie? If so, I don't see it. But, I've not seen the movie in probably ten or more years.

Thanks for the answers. I do not have the book with me, but will try to check when I get home. All the answers go along the line of what I was expecting, so it might that my doubts were oversights and I recalled them correctly from a previous reading. :slight_smile:

Yes, I weas talking about willow the movie. A lot of Take Shape spells taking place there. :stuck_out_tongue: Hmm... I have a movie to watch tonight....


I have a friend who is very proud of the fact that his left ear appears in one of the battle scenes.


This is fine to me, unless the cattle have intelligence or Might or something like that.

I would consider this, and rule that transforming into a tree also transforms the venom that he absorbed and is now part of him, so that while he is not going to take any further damage from the venom, it remains latent, and will resume its course when he becomes human again, until his body regains its proper balance of humors and so on.

Reasonable ruling.



Checked the levle 4 issue. It is there, in the Give Blessing guidelines. No need for an errata :slight_smile:

EDIT: Watched Willow again. John Post is right: they do not look like gruagachan :laughing: Well, they do, until the last scene, where formulaic magic runs rampant.