Guccio Mandalo

this character needs an ability with magical sensitivity, and looks to be low on experience for their age- though without that score it is difficult to say for certain.
I also note that he has good teacher and no score in teaching... intentional or oversight?
Final note- read the description of lecherous and make sure that is what you want for this character- it could cause problems with his marriage, in that it is specifically described as seeking sexual contact with as many people as possible. Obviously this is more tolerated in Mercere than in normal society, but it could still be an issue, especially since his blood does not come from the magus descendants.

Magic Sensitivity is definitely just something I missed, will add.

No score in teaching is intentional.

With the Redcap virtue I was assuming those 15 years, like the magus, are instead of the other xp awarded for that time. If that's incorrect then he is definitely quite low on xp.

Re: lecherous - I was trying to emulate a couple with an open marriage, in the modern parlance. "They quickly discovered each others' great appetite for carnal pleasure". Seems I didn't get that point across well.

Added Magic Lore, it's score is 2 so free level +10 xp.

as someone in an open polyamorous marriage let me state that there are more people out there who will use ambiguous language far more explicit that that to indicate a marriage with a "fantastic" yet monogamous sex life rather than something open (I can't count the number of women I have heard describe themselves as monogamous sluts), I will keep this in mind when it comes to your wife in game, but even within open and poly relationships there is some drama- just understanding and a belief that the rewards are worth it (and that the rewards are more than just the physical pleasure).

As to the characters age, I also assume that the 350 points for redcap and well traveled are in place of the 225 that would normally come from the 15 years of apprenticeship, but this still puts age 24 at a total of 455 points (300 redcap, 50 well traveled, 45 childhood and 60 from other years) where your character has spent 425 points, leaving you either 30 points to spend or 2 years younger.

I’m most definitely not worried about his marriage and lechery creating drama in his life. He does have True Love as his story flaw.

I’ll recheck the math and either add that XP or let tyou know what rock it was hiding under.

So, side question, he’s a recently gauntleted mundane redcap, is making Naples (or somewhere near there) his home base acceptable?

Found the 30 pts. Awareness was supposed to be 3 instead of 2 and Brawl was 2 and missed adding it.

Naples will work or even Harco- this is a companion not a magus.

I like the idea of Naples, he grew up at Harco/Harco's Venice Chapterhouse so I like the idea of him being sent somewhere else. Dunno if there are any covenants near there.

Naples is part of the kingdom of Sicily, any covenant there is going to be minor and unrecognized. however mercer often has outposts that are not part of the covenant system that fit more within merchanting houses that facilitate long distance travel, so there could easily be a mercer "trading house" in Naples.

Sounds good. Mercere House in Naples it is.

Guccio is updated to the Pisa Adventure.

your character sheet is 1 xp low on area lore:Sicily

Thanks. I'll examine it when I get home.

Silveroak, we never really discussed Guccio's Magical Warder outside of it being backstory justification for his personal vis source. As the Vis is Muto I was assuming a small spirit in the shape of a butterfly, perhaps magical might linked to the Animal form, once per year goes through a Chrysalis sort of transformation and leaves behind an ethereal yet physical empty shell.

Since most magic virtues or qualities which produce vis are tied to spirits, I had assumed this would be some form of spirit entity... even though there are examples of non-spirit entities regularly shedding vis the mechanisms for this are unclear, and are generally connected with covenant vis sources, rather than being general rules... the only rules allowing non-spirit magical entities to shed vis require either expending permanent might or spending confidence. It is possible that such a creature accumulated confidence to manifest vis to prevent acclimation, but one closely associated with the Order should have better ways to avoid acclimation...

Yeah, I was thinking a spirit just that it did this butterfly-caterpillar-butterfly change once a year and its chrysalis somehow becomes physical and contains vis. Obviously we are in a low magic setting in the roman tribunal so assumed its might was 5. I'm fine with it having cunning rather than Intelligence though for some reason, unknown to Guccio, it likes him. If it has Int and can communicate then he might know why it follows him I assume he has sought out a magical lacuna in Naples for it to avoid acclimation in. Probably somewhere not really secluded enough to use as a lab but fine for a spirit to hang out in.