Guidelines for Perdo Igem?

Hi all,

One of my characters has come up with a concept for my upcoming Venice Saga, a Tremere duelist that uses Cold and Darkness magics. Thats equals Perdo Igem to me.

My question is, are there any expanded guidelines for such magic and if so, where are they. Or a number of additional spells which fit the theme?

The player has never played Ars Magica before, so I am designing his spell list (150, Skilled Parens), and the core book doesnt have loads to offer (tho he also has Rego and Vim, wards and anti-magic also feature on his concept), so I'm just looking for any additional material.



You can find some in the Flambeau chapter of Houses of Hermes: societates.

Building on that, I would go and check the characters of the Andorra Saga: 2 of them use cold/heat effects. Glacius/Marcellus and Dimir Tar (I think). There might be some inspiration there.


Check here.

Cheers folks :slight_smile: