Gun Schtick Advances

It's been noted elsewhere that there are a couple of Guns Schticks that do not seem to appear on the advance paths for any of the Archetypes (as opposed to ones that are rare, like 'Eagle Eye').

  • 'Back For Seconds'
  • 'Firm Grip'
  • 'Reactive Fire'
  • 'Shake It Off'

Should these remain ephemeral temptations for players looking through the Gun Schtick list, or is there a list of the Archetypes that should have these on their Awesoming Up lists?
(Admittedly, Back For Seconds and Shake It Off seem to have a fair bit of crossover, and any character with both is really going to be a threat when they get up again ...)

And a couple of side notes ...

The Ex-Special Forces archetype gets 'Carnival of Carnage III-IV' as possible advances - does that mean that they don't need to purchase I and II before getting III and IV? Or should it start at I rather than III?
The Full Metal Nutball only seems to have access to 'Bloody But Unbowed', not levels II and III of the same schtick.
The Magic Cop gets 'Stop Right There!' as a possible Guns Schtick advance ... except that is already a starting Schtick for the Magic Cop.

(Why, yes, my players are indeed nearing their first Advance, whatever gave you that impression?)

As a GM, I'd be pretty liberal with 'in-group' selection. Meaning a guns-focused character wanting a gun schtick not on the list, etc... Unless I had a compelling reason to not let them have it, I'd let them have it.

I'd assume the Awesoming Up list should read I-IV. My guess is that earlier draft versions of the archetypes had slightly different schtick selections, and so sometimes the Awesoming up list doesn't quite match each archetype.

Not sure what the designer had in mind here. But consistent with my first answer, if a player wanted their Nutball to awesome up from Bloody But Unbowed I to II I'd have no problem with it.

Probably just a misprint similar to the Ex-Special Forces one.


That works nicely with the "Yes, and ..." maxim of FS2.

My guess was that they'd copy-and-pasted the Killer's schtick list (who already has I-II), and not updated the text.