Gustav (Frederic´s Shield Grog)

Gustav, at game start

Characteristics: Int -2, Per 1, Pre 1, Com -1, Str 1, Sta 3, Dex 1, Qui 1
Size: +1
Age: 22, Height: 1.88m, Weight: 90 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence: 0
Virtues: Large, Coven folk, Tough, Warrior
Flaws: No sense of direction, Offensive to Animals, Weakness (Drinking)

Ability Score (specialty) exp
Athletics 3 (running) 30
Awareness 3 (body guarding) 30
Brawl 4 (grapping) 50
Carouse 2 (Drinking) 15
Charm 2 (when drunk) 15
Folk Ken 2 (Coven folk) 15
Music 2 (Drinking Songs) 15
Living Language, Romany 4 (Rude words) 50
Living Language, French 5 (Rude words) free
Profession: Carpentry 3 (Fortifications) 30
Single Weapon 5 (Axe) 75
Stealth 1 (natural areas) 5
Guile 1 (elaborate lies) 5
Swim 2 (diving) 15

Full Metal Scale Armor (Soak 13)
Axe: Init +0, Atk +11, Dfn +7, Dmg+7
Axe and Heater: Init -1, Atk +11, Dfn +10, Dmg+7
Grappling: Init -1, Atk +6, Dfn 6, Dmg --
Fist: Init -1, Atk +5 , Dfn +5, Dmg+1
Dodge: Init -1, Atk --, Dfn +5, Dmg --
Kik: Init –2, Atk +5, Dfn +4, Dmg+4

Gustav is the only son of a blacksmith who lost his home due to trouble with a local nobleman.
The smithy burned down and Gustav´s father and mother were killed.
Young Gustav killed the nobleman and lived as an outlaw for some years.

In 1216 he started to occupy a bridge in the black Forrest and claimed toll.
Frederic wanted to cross the bridge and was impressed by the physical strength of Gustav.
They agreed in a bet: Frederic has to pay one pound of silver if he could not reach the other side of the bridge without being hit by Gustav. And Gustav has to serve Frederic for a year in case he reaches the other side without being hit.
One spell later Ferderic has jumped (with gift of the frog´s legs) over Gustav and Gustav´s live changed.
He was trained in Material arts, dressed in armor, and supplied constantly with food.
Even after his first year of service elapsed long time (4 years) he is still serving Frederic, enjoying live as a soldier/bodyguard with a strange Master.

You might make some of this background a bit more generic- a nobleman deciding the smith's prices were too high being the cause of loss of a home just doesn't ring true...

Hope it sounds better now.