Hammer as a talisman

I'm considering creating a Talisman for my magus out of his war hammer.

There aren't any forms and material bonuses in 5th ed. for hammers, and I'm wondering if any of you can find any basis in myth or legend for what would be appropriate.

Other than Thor's hammer, Mjollnir, I can't find any references.

Of course, Thor's hammer was a HUGE symbol worn by viking raiders, so I don't think it's out of the question to think of it as having magical bonuses, even for European magi. I've found various references to Thor's hammer as having the power to ward off cold and chaos. To invoke lightning and thunder. To shatter rocks. And to being a symbol of fertility.

Any other thoughts?

My only thought is that the masons might have some symbology associated with the hammer.

Sorry, not very useful I guess. :blush:

I would give it a similar Form and Effect damage bonus as a sword.

Do not confuse hammers with warhammers. The first one is a tool the latter is a weapon. They have different shapes.
War hammers were invented in the 14th century and were fine armor piercing weapons. There were one handed and two handed types, too.

Ah, yes. Sorry, again. :slight_smile:

Order and Organization (as per the common gavel)
Perfection and the removal of Flaws (as per stonemasonry)

I would say there could well be a 'smashing and shattering' bonus as its little more then an overgrown lump hammer.

Plus maybe some mystical afifnity with overcoming armour.

Really? What did the vikings use? By "war hammer" I meant a hammer used as a weapon.

In many many cultures, including among ancient Greeks and Romans, the hammer is the quintessential "tool" (just like the quintessential crafter is a smith).
I would give it something like:
+3 Affect stone
+4 Affect metal
+2 Craft

The vikings used spears, swords and sometimes axes.
If you think on Mjölnir it should be the tool just because the war hammer was invented with a couple of centuries later. It was a mythic weapon not a real one.

I like what ezzelino said especially:
+4 Affect metal
+2 Craft

I would add this:
+6 breaking things (items and skulls but not an alliance)

... after checking my character sheet, I realize that the "hammer" I'm speaking of is actually a "war maul." I've just been calling it a hammer in the game, since the NPC that gave it to me called it the "star hammer." (long story). I knew that my storyteller would never have a weapon in the game that was not period....

Regardless, I like the "über tool" bonuses suggested.

thanks all!