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I am not a great computer artist, so you get what I am capable of doing. I do have Dundjinni but have never figured out how to use it.

This is an approximate map of the covenant's area. It does not include a map of the caves which fill the dark brown area at the top of the map.

The Aegis more or less follows the lt blue shaded ring, and it does cover cave areas not shown.

The large town of Goreme lies west as Peregrine flies, but by road you have to go north then west then south to get there. Pasabaq is north and a little west, Avanos is a good distance north (15 miles or so). Zelye is about three miles by road.

Hi Kevin,

nice map. What is the scale (this might be important when trying to cast defensive spells), and to where does the aura extend?


The sancta auras are the size of the interiors of their individual fairy chimneys. Humbertus' is in a cave behind the stables.

The overall magic aura of the site all lies within the Aegis boundary though not necessarily conforming 100% to the circle. In the caves it extends roughly in a half circle mirroring the aboveground portion.

Scale...well the Hall/refectory/kitchen is roughly 60 feet long (20m or so).

The covenfolk have dwelling space either in #9 if they are "fairly important", with part of #2 being barracks space, and everyone else living in the caves.