Hanging/conditional spells?

Maybe I have missed this but is there a mastery associated with "hanging" a spell to trigger? Much like how you can enchant an item to have a trigger?

I may be having a total brain freeze and have complete overlooked an obvious answer.. but what I'm looking for is something similar to:

If struck by Iron that will do damage, teleport me 5 paces - extreme example I know..

Sam W.

There is Tethered Casting (p100 HoH:True Lineages), but it is more general and IIRC it doesn't have the triggering aspects you want. I think that a better way to do it would be with reg vim spells like watching ward and waiting spell . (These spells are rituals due to their indefinite duration versions of duration sun and moon need not be rituals)

Faerie mysteries has some Conditional (IF, NOT, etc) RDTs.