Happy birthday David!!!

Missed it by one day (Dang!) But anyway, may your longevity ritual never fail! And thanx for the tremendous job done, for neglicealbe pay! :smiley:

Why do Redcaps never let you know until it's too late.

[size=200]Happy[/size] (belated) [size=200]Birthday![/size] as well.

Thanks. :smiley:

I've been away this weekend, but now it's back to editing Ars Magica manuscripts, guiding authors, and enjoying my work.

So, if I send you a SASE will you stuff a copy of the Book of the Divine in it and send it back free of charge? There is some precedent, you know.

I'm pretty sure that David Chart's one of the Big People and not a Hobbit, but I may be wrong. :wink: Anyway happy birthday David, and good luck with the immigration visas. :slight_smile:

Those on the Berk-list being "in the know" as it were.


Me, too :blush:
Happy birthday nonetheless :smiley:

Indeed it is very old, so I think I'll lock it...