Happy New Year, sodales!

Happy New Year!

(Off to shoot some zombies. My wife and I didn't get around to shooting zombies at Christmas, as is our tradition, so...look out zombie clowns!)

Yes! Happy New year! :slight_smile: Well, soon enough for me. Timothy is writing from the future so he knows things. :wink:


Indeed! Felicitations from here in the UK (somewhat early but I'm not going to be online later; or sober)


Happy new year from Norway!

Also this ;D

Yep, i'm now officially so old I'll have to make aging rolls each winter.
Go me.

Happy new year* everyone

  • gregorian calender, obviously.

May all your experiments give extrordinary results this year, and all your stress dies favour ones over zeroes.

Happy new year

Yes, Happy New Year to all!
(in between intermittent internet access in the middle of Tasmania)