Hard-Boiled gun question

So I bought the Dragon Dynasty edition of Hard Boiled, part of a big order from Barnes and Noble, and it arrived last night. Awesome movie in general, with plenty of your classic John Woo gunplay, and some big damn heroics in the hospital sequence of the second half. But one of my favorite characters in the flick, besides Tequila, Alan and Teresa (she takes a big part in the heroics too, even though she only kills one guy), is Mad Dog, Johnny Wong's right hand man.

Anyway, onto the gun in question. When Tequila and Alan get through to Johnny's arsenal and Mad Dog is waiting for them, Mad Dog uses a kickass gun in order to take them both on. It's a single-shot Thompson/Center Contender pistol, which uses rifle rounds and that spits out the shell casings in slow-mo every time Mad Dog reloads, which is damn cool.

What would the stats for this weapon be in Feng Shui? How much damage would it do, and more importantly, how many shots would you need to reload the sucker once you've fired? Because this is the kind of gun that I can see someone using as a Signature Weapon, such as a Killer who prides himself on getting the job done with one shot.

I'd put the damage for a rifle caliber Contender at 13*-13** though it could of course be chambered in magnum revolver cartridges (11) on down to .22LR (8). Concealment would range from 2-4 depending on barrel length (8-21"). The capacity would obviously be 1 and I generally put reload time for 1-2 shot break open weapons at 2.

In fact one of the first Killers I cooked up had a pair of Contenders. I may be able to dig him up if anyone would like to see the stats.

Go on then! [grin]

In terms of pistols firing rifle-style rounds, I'm quite partial to the old AutoMag MkIII - it looks much like a the Colt M1911 (Colt .45 auto), but was often chambered for .30 carbine rounds - so is somewhat longer, although that's mostly only noticeable when you have one of each to compare - or you try to get your hand around the grip. I tend to rule that that didn't do a vast amount more damage than your average heavy pistol (partly because the rounds would overpenetrate ludicrously), but that the ammo would count as armour-piercing.

Good,just do it.