has a Salmander of Virtue been published in the RAW?

Hi all,

Has a Salander of Virtue (or any sort of small creature with magic might and power over fire) been published in the RAW? If so, please direct me to the book. Thanks!


Realms of Power: Magic, p62

Not being happy with the one that Virgileso pointed out I made one up using the RoP: Magic rules here:

It isn't official but you might find it useful

Thanks. Upon reading the entry in the RAW, I see that the Salamander absorbs fire.
I'm looking for something that will have CrIg abilities. I will probably go with a small fire elemental, but wanted to see if there is any small mythic animal/spirit that can set things on fire.
Any thoughts?

Erik, thanks for your forum entry. That might work well.

How's Pukis from TMRE p.139?