Has anyone played *Servants of God* [TTT]?

Spoiler alert If you have not played/read it, you may not want to read further.

I am reading the story at the moment, and I struggle to consolidate it with the lore and code of Hermes. There is an apprentice (aged 15) in the story, who explicitly has his own Parma Magica. At the same time, his parens is pious and deeply troubled by the Sin of accidentally scrying upon other magi using magic. The apprentice's ability in Parma is presented as if it were totally kosher, and it is not a dark secret of his, as it would have been if he obtained it by apying on a magus. Is there a story to explain why the apprentice has had the secret of the Parma unlocked in this way? As it is I cannot see how to tell the story consistently.

Yes! See TTT p.77 Spreading Parma Magica.

Thanks a lot.

It is a pity that I do not have the brain capacity to juggle all the lose ends and read the chapter through before I tie them up.

What book is TTT? I don’t recognize this story at all.

thrice told tales

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I’m glad you found a solution.

Parma Magica, and the spreading of, is a touchy subject, which sees a wide spread of interpretations among Troupes.
Some think books on PM is a great crime, punishable by Wizard’s March, others don’t see a problem with allowing books.

The book on PM is a great theme in itself, and that's a controversy I was aware of, and the story discusses the controversy when it is introduced, so this is just fine.
Teaching the final key to an apprentice, before the Oath is sworn, seemed more controversial to me, and it is not even discussed when his use of Parma is first introduced as a critical measure. This is what caught me so off-guard.
You were one of the authors, weren't you @Christian_Andersen ? Good work. Thank you.

Yes, I was a contributing author for TTT. In fact I wrote Setvants of God, but I’m afraid I don’t remember the details very well anymore.
Thanks, I hope you enjoyed it.