In another forum I frequent there is a One Page Dungeon competition. I have decided to enter it with a (kind of) tomb of a norse lord, protected by a haugbui. The image in the early pages of LotN has always inspired me, and I want to make a tribute to it. I would like to ask you where do we have Haugbui references in Ars? So far I think we have them in:

  • Lion of the North (Xavi)

  • Ultima Thule p.120 - 121 (Grey).

  • ROP:Magic, p. 97-99. Undead (tellus)

  • Hermetic Projects p.117 (tellus)

  • Rival magic (MarioJPC)

  • ... Ancient magic (saxon rune carvers)?

  • ... HMRE? (A description of a Rune IIRC, but totally unsure here..)

  • Any of the bestiaries?

Any help in hunting down references would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


Rival Magic has many details about the Norse Undead.

RoP: M, p. 97-99 has some very interesting things about the undead, especially a statbox on p. 98 which seem based on the hagboii (as I recall such stories).

Same statblock is in Hermetic Projects, p. 117, with a ritual for their creation on p. 117.

They come highly recommended from here :slight_smile:

The complete stats and description can be found in "Ultima Thule", pags. 120-121.

I've found nothing about Haugbuis in "Ancient Magic", but, on the other hand, the rune Ihwaz (HMRE, pg. 138) can summon and animate corpses.

Have a nice day.