HBO: Ars Magica (Season Two)

The first season of my ongoing campaign, HBO: Ars Magica, was documented here as the Alpine Apprentice Saga ([url]]). Now, after a summer break, our cast returns and they leave the Alps behind for the green hills of Hibernia!

Our first session was last night. For those who have run many Spring Covenant sagas, the traditional notes were hit. The magi arrived at the chosen location (the Hill of Uisneach in Meath), toured the area looking for regios, auras and vis, had their first Council meeting, and made a home for themselves.

A summary can be found here:


Unfortunately, the game has been put on the shelf. I do not know when, or if, it will return.

Sad news for everyone, especially the players, who were all really invested in the game.


Sometimes that happens with TV series.

Rome was awesome, but they had to rush the second season.



That's really too bad - I had thoroughly enjoyed reading season 1. If I may ask, why did season 2 fall apart?

The network played the episodes out of order. :smiley:

I am happy to reveal that the second season of HBO Ars Magica is back underway, with several episodes:

Episode 2.01, "Arrival," in which the Alpine Apprentices, now newly-Gauntleted magi, arrive on the Hill of Uisneach and learn some of the mysteries of their home.
Episode 2.02, "Macgnimartha," in which the Heart of Nemesis the Dragon is stolen by a trio of apprentices receiving aid from an Irish archmage.
Episode 2.03, "To the Dark Tower," in which a knight challenges the magi in a battle to the death, in the defense of his family.
Episode 2.04, "A Neglected Son of Genius," in which the Hill comes under attack by a legion of giant spiders.

Ars players with a lot of books on their shelves will see my use of the book Hooks in Episode 2.03, and the giant spiders of 2.04 are based on the Waimie (from Antagonists). There are, of course, no snakes in Mythic Ireland, which led to a re-examination of that antagonist in ways which have not yet been revealed to the players.

Our next session is this Sunday, when the magi, having defended their cathach for a year, will present themselves at Tribunal and claim covenant status.

Yeah! You got season 2 approved! :slight_smile:

Getting good use out of Antagonists I see, very nice! :slight_smile:

I'm glad you got rid of that Victor character. He is an ass. :laughing:

Ass or not, he'll be back next episode!

Dear DrComics:

I am currently running a campaign in Iceland, and my players have decided that their covenant will be in the hibernian tribunal. They are testing the waters and have just attended the Hibernian Tribunal.

I was going to just make up/use through the Aegis to figure out what might be for sale, but your saga got me thinking:

my site is here

If you see any books that your troupe might like I can set up a virtual trade (we don't have to actually trade between campaigns, but I thought it might be a way to add verisimilitude)


Hey Bob! That's a neat idea. Thank you.

Through the Aegis does, in fact, have a Hibernian covenant in it. Longmist is in winter, but it has a library and a few of the books that have appeared in my covenant are borrowed from that list.

The new covenant of Cor Draconis, where the players in my game live, has a very modest library. But it's a brand new covenant and they had to start somewhere.

The young magi have presented their cathach at the Hibernian Tribunal of 1221, and have been caught up in Hermetic politics. Tribunal turned into a two-parter thanks to romantic shennanigans.

Episode 2.05, "Tribunal": ... son-2/1221

Someone's been raiding pictures from Pendragon: Pagan Shores :slight_smile:

I also stole the game's price list. As I'm sure you recall (though most Ars players do not), Pendragon uses a £ currency which is defined very similar to a Mythic Pound: "the annual income of a peasant family." There are a few exceptions, but by and large the price lists are compatible with Ars.

Pagan Shores is filled with great bits of Irish myth and folklore, not to mention some good visuals. And I've been stealing stuff from Pendragon to use in other games pretty much as long as there has been a Pendragon. Wonderful game.

Indeed! I stole liberally from it when I ran an Irish saga more than 10 years ago.

Alas I only discovered Pendragon about 20 years ago, by accident. Never actually played it (for mor than a single session), but I do consider it a very nice Ars Magica sourcebook. :wink:

I am making internship on the Pendragon's Spanish publishers (last edition)! It's different and I saw the books on my old game club.

Wait, this looks like it was written in LaTeX? At least in part?

It could be, I do use Latex a lot....


{\in ship name} should be \in{ship name} in my experience :wink: