Healing? How Difficult?

Just started running an FS2 game, and putting a crib sheet together for myself to quick-reference some of the rules that might crop up without having to page-hunt in the main book.

So ... Healing? It's mentioned on p107 that the various healing abilities (Medicine, Heal schtick, Healing Chi schtick) "allow the healer to make a check and subtract the result from the recipient's Wound Point total". But nowhere (that I can find) does it list what the Difficulty of this check should be. Have I overlooked it somewhere?

Is there word from the Powers That Be as to what the Difficulty should be?
Or, if it's up to GMs, what have other people found to be a workable Difficulty? (I'm leaning towards 10, but anyone have any experience to weigh in with?)

(And do you allow characters with no listed Medicine skill to use the default AV of 7 to remember their first aid training?)

Thanks all!

As near as I can determine, the difficulty is '0'. As in, the text says you roll your your healing skill/ability, and subtract the result from the wound total. The term "result" is used here, rather than outcome, so I think it's basically just an open roll with no difficulty. If you were rolling against a difficulty, you compare the "action result" to get the outcome.

I looked back at the 1st edition rules, and that's how they work as well: you make a roll and subtract the Action Result from the wound total. There's no difficulty for this check in 1st edition, either.

Fair enough. Cheers! That works.

(I should have thought of checking my copy of FS1!)

Have you tried Heart Healing? Like the title of this subforum There is a stickied thread to the tutorials, right over this thread.