Healing Potions

The recent post about charged items made me think about healing potions. Because rituals cannot be enfused into a charged item, how do you go about making a healing potion? In the past, this was done by making a multiple dose potion under the charge item rule. I guess I could limit it to a boost to healing. But there needs to be a better way. Thoughts?

Actually they can but only with Hermetic Empowerment found in TMRE (page 64).

Another way around that for healing is to invest a normal healing booster (i.e. bonus to recovery rolls) of such high bonus that basically the injured recover in short order albeit whilst having to remain under the influence of the item.

Usually I would think most troupes dedicate a particular room as an infirmary inside the covenant which can be spelled with circle duration healing boost spells and just toss the injured party in there for a week or some days.

But if you want absolute on the spot healing via a portable device, then go learn Hermetic Empowerment.

Another option would be to invest a healing spell with duration: Moon. This way the injured person is healed instantanious for the duration of a month. Then, all wounds will reopen. This way you can ensure anyone to keep paticipating in the adventure and return sefely to the convent. However, he has to enter the infirmary after a month. But keep in mind, that each charge will probably give the recipient a warping point.

Watching Ward & Waiting Spell. In earlier editions they could not hold Rituals. In 5th edition, they can. Simply place Incantation of the Body Made Whole in a Watching Ward, and place that on a vial of water. The condition for the Watching Ward is drinking the vial.

Viola! Healing potion.

oooooh master munchkin strikes again :wink:

Clever idea kimosabe!

Since watching Ward is also a ritual spell this is very expensive munchkinism. :wink:

Vis is no expense when saving lives :wink:

Well, not all munchkins are forced to shop at Walmart! :wink:

It's also got an expiration date as soon as two solstice have passed.

Should be healed long before then.

Not the healing spell, that's permanent. The waiting spell has a max duration of year.

Are you sure ? I read : "The Ritual nature of this spell supports the potentially indefinite duration."(ArM5 p. 162 ).

I don't find this "munchkin" solution abusive, since it cost double vis to have the spell being portative and instantaneous.

Another idea: does a CrCo magical item with a permanent duration (Sun, +3 lvl envir. trigger and +1 2uses/day) would ensure the safety of the wounded?

It could only mask a single wound, but there are spells you could invest that would ensure that their state doesn't worsen.

Hmm I wonder where I got that idea from

This has a major drawback:
Warping!!! Healing spells of this potency will have a level >30! Thus, the user gets two warping points per day! That is O.K. if this saves your live but a single spell (or charged item) with moon duration gives you less.

If the spell is continuous then I'd give one warping point for being subjected to it and a possible increaed warping for continuous magical effect.

The 2X's day environmental trigger is more bookkeeping than descriptive IMO.