Healing Wounds when you have increased size

In the Magi of Hermes book, one of the magi uses a spell that increases his Size by +3, so grievous wounds are not so...grievous. What happens when he shrinks back down though? The spell only lasts a diameter, will the wound shrink or become what it was initially scored at?

Example, post soak the damage is +8, which on a size 0 opponent is a Medium wound, on a +3 size is only a Light wound. When he shrinks back down will it stay as a Light wound or increase to a Medium?

I'd suspect shrink down and thus remain a light wound.

Perhaps it's worth making them do another wound check at +4, to see if the resizing of their body aggravates the wound?

I'm not sure that's the way it works. This is how I read it:

If I took a Medium Wound and then cast my "Assume the Stature" spell, I would still have a Medium Wound. Any subsequent hits against me would be adjudicated using my new wound levels. If I then took a Light Wound (reduced because of my size) it would remain a Light Wound when I returned to my normal size.

That's how I see it as well, and play it that way. No (additional) bookkeeping!

I agree with Mark as well

Sounds good. The wound category remains waht it was when scored at the size it landed on.

IMHO, if the spells allows you to increase in size, resulting in your medium wound suddenly becoming only a light wound - AND not have it become a medium again, once you shrink to normal size....that's abusive! That's free healing.

@Ultraviolet: That's not what he's saying, though. No free healing involved.

He's saying that by increasing his size, he increases the required range for wounds. A light wound remains a light wound when the magus reverts to a smaller size-- even if the damage that inflicted it when he was Size +3 would have made it a medium wound when the magus was Size 0.