Hearthy Praise to Erik Dahl for his excellent V/F summa

Thanks a lot pal, for your magnum V/F compilation opus. I deem it will be extremely useful for all ArM 5th ed. players both for character creation and ongoing management.

Thanks to Atlas folks for making it downloadable from their site, and thus widely available.

Also thanks and praise to CJ and all the folk whose name may escape me at the moment. who are involved in the ongoing index effort.

No problem. I also have versions in PDF form that I'll gladly send out to anyone who's interested, just give me your email address. Also, CJ just finished an index of Mystery Cults that I now have on hand as well.

Oh, also, Chris Hazel sent me a really nice Excel spreadsheet from all the Virtues and Flaws data and made a nice searchable index. He copied Atlas on the file, so I imagine they'll post it at some point, but I have it too if anyone wants me to send it to them.

I've done The Divine (on Atlas website, under that book), HOH: Mystery Cults, and am working on Covenants tonight. :slight_smile: Erik's excellent v/F Index is superb, and I like the Excel version idea.

Another chap has undertaken to do True Lineages as I have mislaid my copy. If no one comes forward to do Guardians of the Forest I will do that last, but I will definitely do The Infernal and TMRE when my copies arrive. :slight_smile:
In short we will then have indexed the line to date! :slight_smile:

cj x

I would reiterate the thanks for Erik and CJ for the indices, particularly for RoP: The Divine. I must, however, also ask why Atlas haven't been bothering to include indices in the books in the first place, when, in most of the new ArM supplements there is the space? Covenants and the Realms of Power books in particular, being very dense, information-heavy texts, are in dire need of them.

Nevertheless, many, many thanks to you both for the indices, which will make referring to the books during play a great deal easier.

There's an ongoing discussion about this on the Berklist, but basically Atlas' argument boils down to "we haven't enough money to pay the authors to do indexes, too". Hard to argue with that.

As you may notice, these indexes are being created on a strictly voluntary basis. Something, I think, people responsible should be thanked for profusely.

Erik, CJ

thank you very much.

Likewise, thanks from my Saga!


Being at the office I havn't yet had the opportunity to see them - beside learning of their existence - but I till want to instantly join the choir of praise and thankgivings!

Well done, chaps!