Hedge Magician Query

Hi all

Firstly, spoiler alert for anyone in my troupe - please stop reading now!

I have a query about a misguided Hedge magician in our current saga. Basically, I want an Indian Fakir/ Snake Charmer to accidentally cause havoc for our heroes.

I can't seem to think of any reference to Fakirs in Ars 4 or 5. I could create a new Ex Misc template I suppose, but I was wondering if anyone has used Fakirs before and/ or whether there are any Ars books where fakirs are covered?



Never used, and there are no fakir templates... Per se.

But you could easily build a magus or companion around this idea.

Takes virtues like Animal Ken (lets you talk to animals) specialized in serpents, Greater immunity to Fire (lets you walk on ashes, for exemple), a snake magical animal companion... You get the idea.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

I was thinking along those lines unless there was a more canon version of a fakir.


Salvete Sodales!

I can't remember any official fakir either, but if you don't want to create a completely new tradition from sratch you might have a look at Ascetics in RoP:tD. Originally they were introduced as magic users in 4th Ed. Hedge Magic, and many of their abilities seem to fit for a fakir as well as their style. This should work.