Hedge Tradition Design

I recall in Fourth edition that there was a guideline for making new traditions that have about 10 points in virtues, and noticed there is a similarity in the design with Elementalists, Folk Witches, and Gruagachans whose magic abilities upon being opened are about 10 points in virtues. Obviously not every hedge tradition follows this guideline, but I was wondering if the Authors of some of these traditions followed some set of rules or guidelines similar to 4e when making these traditions.
Anybody have any experience with this?

The general way hedge tradtions are designed in Ars Magica 5 is described in HMRE p.11ff Creating Hedge Characters, and there in particular p.12 As a Gifted Companion. TMK nowhere a technical guideline - type "creating by numbers" - to make up a hedge tradition is explained.

This is in particular, because the basic mechanics of Ars Magica hedge powers differ very much from tradition to tradition.

For traditions in Ex Miscellanea, there is a general description under HoH:S p.103ff Magic.