Help me choose the podcast's direction in 2017


I've been trying to keep the podcast to one thread, but I need some guidance from the community-at-large and feel the podcast news thread is mostly read by people who already listen.

I'm trying to get ahead of the podcast - build a buffer of episodes up - and so I need to plan January of 2017 now. (The scripts for December are written, and are set to autopublish on the blog, as is the monthly pdf, but only two are recorded so far.)

What I thought I'd do is just start working through one of the older books, adding a layer of options and uses, and "second looks" at material. I'm not sure if I want to do Sanctuary of Ice, which was written before Google and has a lot of low-hanging fruit, or Covenants, which seems to get a lot more use.

Suggestions very welcome. I'd really hate to record a half-dozen episodes and then realize people would really have preferred the other one.

Revisiting past books is a good idea. You could do a piece for every tribunal and/or 5e book and go through new interesting historical tidbits and develop some "adventuring" hooks.

Focusing on Covenants seems to offer the potential for material of interest to any saga, thus would probably be the best choice. Nonetheless, I love "Sanctuary of Ice - it is an amazing book offering incredible flavor and potential for stories. It is almost an embarrassment of riches, and by far my favorite book of any Ars MAgica edition. Therefore, I am going to be self-indulgent and request "The Helvetian Tribunal Redux: Sanctum of Frost and Roses" be commented on your podcast, good sir.
Bonus Request: Could you slip in a reference or two about "The Hidden Light" Covenant and the "For Ever and Ever?" story arc? (another two favorites of mine)

(please forgive my horrible mangling of the English language)

I would love to hear more on Sanctuary of Ice. This seems one of the few ways a Tribunal book will ever be "updated" for 5th edition, even if it's an unofficial string of ideas.

Also, your long episode on Shallott was awesome.

I request episodes on Mythic Sicily, Venice, and Frederick.

I did a whole heap of research on Frederick, but couldn't see a way to use it. It might be worth working up for the podcast. I think I still have it somewhere. Basically it would turn into a read-along guide for Julius Norwich's book on Sicily, though.

So far SoI seems to be the popular choice...I'll give it a few more days before I start scripting. I have some editing to do (the upcoming episodes are about ghosts, Black-faced Hermes and Daqin. I need to edit them down.) I'm also probably going to do an episode based on The Listeners by Walter de la Mare.

Sanctuary of Ice seems really interesting. I would also very much like Ultima Thule and The Dragon and the Bear.