Help me finding this virtue

Hello everybody.

I'm designing a new PC, a magus. I've got in mind a Virtue wich jinda link two Techniques and four Forms. When the techniques gain an experience point, so does the forms, and vice versa.

I can't remenber the name of this Virtue, or even if she really exists. Can you help me please ?

secondary insight

Ah thank you. I'm not english, nor american, and when i read this virtue name yesterday, i made a confusion between insight and income... :blush:

Thank you very much.

You're welcome :slight_smile:

Strongly suggest that make two changes for using it, that it always triggers when gaining XP rather than limited to gain from reading/teaching/study from vis; and that it can never trigger more than once per season.
(reasons being that as written, its far too weak for a Major Virtue, except if you make uncommon use of the rules and cause it to trigger many times per season)

Thanks for the advice, I will think about it.

??? Excuse me, but how could it be? I thought you could only have one XP source per season?

Technically you can split up your learning so that it gives XP spread out over several Arts, and then you can gain XP again from correspondence. I dont recall who, but someone here did a theoretical writeup and got a rather munchy result.

If we pick a non-ridiculous but still somewhat extreme(though fully understandable) example:
A magi teaches another Arts, quality 15, and chooses to split that into 1 XP in each art, and then the student goes on and corresponds about one of the Tech´s as well...
Total XP gained then is 15+1+24+20... 60XP for a season, not bad.
And the above is totally realistic, until you add the Secondary Insight bonus as written.

There is a straight division for partial seasons. So a Source Quality 12 book studied for only 2 months of a season yields 8xps. The third month could be spent doing something else, such as studying a different book (say Q9, so you get only 3xp for a third of a season).
It is right there in the core rules. Smurf Parma, I forget the page number :slight_smile:

I'm don't think that is in the core rules. If you want to do this, you need a house rule to enable it.

Sure, the rules tell you what happens if you get distracted for a proportion of the season. You reduce the amount of XP from the source. This might happen, for example if you are recovering from a Wound.

But the RAW don't let you study from several books in a season. And in fact they explictly say you can only XP from one source during a season. So, if you spend a few days in a season adventuring you can't collect XP from both the adventure and a book that you were otherwise reading during that season.

Agreed. Marko is perhaps thinking of:

However, this only applies to interrupted seasons, as you say. the same section, immediately prior to the bit I've just quoted, says:

In other words, you get the Adventure xp instead of whatever else you were doing.

The beginning of the chapter is very specific:


Ah, I see.

Although, while this should be possible with adventure XP, unless I'm wrong, this shouldn't be possible with teaching: Like with books, a teacher teaches you one defined art, not generic "arts".