Help me make (stat) this magic item?

Hello folks.

I'm new to Ars Magica and while I think I have a good idea on HOW to stat out the idea for this magic item... I'd like your help and suggestions to make sure I'm doing it correctly to the 5th Edition rules. Can you help me list out the way to make this item, the magics involved, the aura (if any) it would radiate, and any effects or costs (in both in-game terms vis and out-of-game terms points).

This will be a "gift" given to each of my player magi characters from their benefactor at Tribunal.

Here's the idea...

I want a wooden box, with hinges and a clasp/lock. The box is about 10"x6"x6"(deep) and would hold about a sqare foot or so of things put in it.
The magic of the box is that there are 4 copies, but ALL share a similar sort of space... Each box can "see" what the other's are holding, an ghostly/illusionary image of what is in the other 3 boxes appear when looking in. The spaces (at current) are not "linked" by any physical means (but theoretically could be a sort of regio-linking locations maybe??)... Lastly, the box can store and protect items from: melting (i.e. snow/ice), from wilting (i.e. herbs/flowers), and possibly even "hold" small creatures (insects, small birds, toads, etc...) in a inanimate state (without needing to breathe/eat or grow old).

How would I make that?
What other NEAT and interesting things could become of this magic item?
Who would need to make it? What levels of casting spell? What costs?

Do you see any potential problems with introducing something like this?

What would be a cool name?
(NOTE: for thematic naming fun... our covenant is a spring covenant in Crete they are founding, the saga name is "ENDING VENICE" with a focus on ending Venice's mercantile control of the region)


The first effect is a simple Intelligo Imaginem with arcane connection range... unfortunately, it is actually 4 InIm effects, one for each box. If I have this right: base 2, +4 magnitudes arcane connection, +1 magnitude concentration, +5 levels item maintains concentration, +1 level 2 uses per day... a level 21 effect requiring 3 pawns of vis to instill.

Now, the other preservation effects... I don't know of any hermetic guideline for that. The closest I know of is the Creo Animal or Corpus effect to preserve a corpse from decay, but to preserve a creature or plant in a living but suspended state... that would be a significantly greater effect, if it's even possible without ritual magic. Unless there is a relevant guideline I don't know about (which is possible), those effects would be something a storyguide/troupe would need to discuss and decide on. At the very least, I think you would be looking at at least 2 effects (one for living things, with a lot of requisites, and one for inanimate objects, also with requisites) if not 7 different effects, one for each relevant form.

That's a lot of magic to cram into one little box.

A square foot? Do you mean a cubic foot? Even then 10x6x6/12^3=5/24, so you have close to a fifth of a cubic foot.

How about just having a ReTe teleportation effect with requisites? Wouldn't that be easier than a creating a Regio?

As a basic idea, I would agree with this. However, I would make some changes. First, I think you only need 3 for the other 3, not one for itself. Second, you could probably do a single T:Group instead of 3 versions. Although Concentration works, if you want true constant effects you want D: Sun, Environmental Trigger, 2/day. I also think a Creo requisite might be appropriate for displaying what is seen.

I would use the guidelines from Covenants as a starting point. If you don't have Covenants, see the collected guidelines on the Atlas website.

I totally agree.


Muto magic is about the easiest way to accomplish the preservation effect. A single MuTe effect with lots prerequisites could transform the contents of the box, air and all, into a single solid block of something (cork, pewter, diamond, weightless steel whatever). Storing everything quite safely until the item releases the effect. You could build it as a concentration effect that the item casts and maintains as long as the box is closed. Or have it tied to it's own set of commands as added access control.

You could still allow the other boxes to see or shift around their contents with the right combinations of effects if you wanted.

Don't forget Warping though.

Maine's idea look a lot like Dragon Ball capsules :slight_smile: