Help to the Saga "Marabilia Scholae"

Hi, i am starting a saga near to Salamanca. the principal idea is that two old Seekers now have developed a idea to get easy to "seek", and this is create a "Hermetic School" near to Teacher ruled University.
The two founders are live, Antoleo and Senection, Bonisagi and Mercere respectively, and ther are more Magi NPCs, firstly another Seeker from African, Sekumet of Bjornaer. The Covenant is over Mercere control with the Mercere being the actual Praeco by few years and is over a known and accesible Regio inhabited by a Giantess descenden for Helios and Hyperion, with and ancient celestial temple santuary. Many more Build points go to Specialists and (specially) Teachers and there are many Resources avalible because the education granted to Redcaps and apprentices and others characters, and too a very great Library.
The "problem" is that i developed two feuds with two hedge tradition, one faeric from Gallicia and another for Islamic territories attuned to Magic realm. The Favored Abilities (Method and Power) to the Faeric traditions are clear, but i doubt about what tradition is more suitable for the Islamic Magicians. A Learned o Elementalist Tradition? I need suggestion.