Help with Disasters (with River City examples)

A bit unsure of how to handle disasters. Some disasters have ongoing effects, but others are situations the kitties can resolve.
So, let's take one from River City; a stampede. There's a herd of animals stampeding and a helpless bystander is in danger. So, a kitty bravely gets the animals attention and leads them away. They make a check, get 2 successes and...that's it? The danger is now resolved and taken care of? I feel like that's how the rules are written, but then it seems strange in the sample adventure in River City, where a few times a disaster like this is all that's going on in the scene. That means only one kitty will get to do anything, and you can't really play off each other and perhaps gain bonuses from high successes.

Are disasters like this supposed to take more than one success to resolve? If so, how many?

Rules for ending disasters were left fairly open ended, I think to allow the GM to use them in different ways.

One rules that I came up with for Alien Invasion that I'm starting to wish was in the core rules is an extended check. The basic rule for that is that kitties as a group have to succeed three times. That might be a useful way to deal with hazards like a stampede.

To me that would be a logical way to do disasters (require multiple successes), but the rules are very clearly meant to NOT be that way since they specifically don't have 'owie' levels. I'd decided to just go ahead and run them requiring multiple successes too, but I just have no idea how they intended for the rules to be used. Its kinda frustrating. Thanks for giving some input!