Help with my Faerie character?

Hello! I'm looking to get some aid with how to play with my faerie character and if there's anything in my build I've done wrong/should seek to improve on.

So I'm getting that you're going with a Magus / Mythic Companion power level. One comment, is that Narrowly Cognizant and Highly Cognizant are mutually exclusive. I'm curious - what is the software you're using to build your character?

Welcome to the forum btw!

Yes I am going with Magus Level Faerie; The Narrowly Cognizant was just me auto-inputting this manually, I'm aware it shouldn't be there since I took Highly Cognizant, it's just something I haven't bothered to fix yet.

I'm glad to be here! Thank you for the welcome :smiley:

I know little enough about the character, so I couldn't offer suggestions on the mistakes. He's immune to damage from steel (twice!) and seems designed to use a lot of the faerie advantages well. Definitely a powerhouse, if you get the right powers. An invulnerable faerie knight, I'm guessing?
(Oath of Fealty, Immune to Steel).