Help with Mythic Blood

I'm sure there is a thread out here somewhere that answers this question, so if someone can point me to the link I'd appreciate it (my google-fu is not working yet this morning).

My question is about the Mythic Blood Virtue. Specifically, how does the magical effect get created? And how does it work in application? Is it just (essentially) a formulaic spell with casting totals and all? The book is not very clear on this, and I'm a bit lost.

The book is clear to me but I'm an old hand. Here's the relevant quote:

So if you want produce the effect by using words and gestures you could have a level 30 effect with no penetration, a level 15 effect with 15 penetration or any other combination that adds up to 30 or less. However if you want to be able to do it with gestures alone, then the total of level and penetration can be only 20.

Yes, you design it as a normal spell, (although as a story guide I personally would be open to different spell parameters and non-hermetic effects if that was what the player was interested in, the actual rules don;t say so).

I think that the more important part of the virtue is the free magical focus that the character gets in addition to the innate spell. magical focuses are very powerful.

Magic Foci are powerful, but distracting. The innate Stalwart Magic applied to all spells is also very potent.
Designing the power is much as described. It is frustrating, for there are better ways to design powers. and there are worse. I would allow some flexability (or petition for it).
As for when and how it first manifest &/or beagn to grow, that is matter for imaginative storytelling. Whatever the backstory is (which may or may not be true and/or untrue), you mostly have a free hand as long as it fits within the parameters of the game.

Perhaps it was when the Gift first manifest. Perhaps the power came into shape when it was opened. Or it was already there and the Focus spawns from it. The two work best when designed in sympathy (like a focus in creating fire, plus the power to breath or resist fire).