Herman's Grogs

Name: Wolfred
Age: 23 as of 1220

Int: 0 Per: +1
Com: -2 (mumbles) Pre: -1 (scarred)
Dex: +2 Qui: +1
Sta: +2 Str: +2

personality: brave (+1) loyal (+1) rash (+1)

Warrior, Puissant single-weapon, affinity for single-weapon

Ability block - logic, covenant upbringing, incomprehensible

Abilities: (285 xp)
Awareness (alertness): 3 (30 xp)
Brawling (dagger): 3 (30 xp)
Survival (forest): 3 (30 xp)
Area Lore, Fengheld (geography): 3 (30 xp)
High German (swearing): 5 (free)
Single Weapon (long sword): 7 + 2 (141 xp = 94 xp + 50%)
Athletics (running): 3 (30 xp +1 xp)
Carouse (staying sober): 3 (30 xp)
Profession, Soldier (weapon care): 2 (15 xp)
Folk Ken (soldiers): 1 (5 xp)
craft, leatherworking (armor): 2 (15 xp)
bargain (leathergoods): 1 (5 xp)

Partial Metal Reinforced Leather (load 2, protection 2)
Sword, Long (load 1)

Dodge: init: +1, Attack: -- Defense: +4 Damage: --
Fist: init: +1, Attack: +5 Defense: +4 Damage: +2
Dagger: init: +1, Attack: +8 Defense: +5 Damage: +5
Longsword: init: +3, Attack: +16 Defense: +12 Damage: +8

Born and raised at Fengheld (his parents were leatherworkers for the covenant),
he always wanted to be a warrior. he got the coven soldiers to teach
him. He then went off to find a mercenary company and fight in the
crusades. he managed to get a position. They saw some fighting.
He took some scars. He gradually realized that his lack of social
skills was not helping him. About when he was going to put effort into
learning better, he was also told in no uncertain terms that his
inability to train recruits meant that he simply would never be
promoted. He came home, at the age of 18. The covenant did not
have much use for him, but figured that Herman could use a guard.
A year later, when Herman and his parens relocated to Irencilla, Wolfred
cam along.

Name: Tristan
Age: 18 as of 1220

Int: +1 Per: +1
Com: +2 Pre: +1
Dex: 0 Qui: -1
Sta: +1 Str: 0

personality: amiable (+2), outgoing (+1) loyal (+1)

reputation: gossip (+1)

puissant charm, gossip, sharp ears

free: wanderer

ability block: martial, small frame, busybody

Abilities: (240 xp)
Awareness (alertness): 2 (15 xp)
Area Lore, village near Fengheld (geography): 2 (15 xp)
High German (prose): 5 (free)
Athletics (grace): 2 (15 xp)
Carouse (staying sober): 2 (15 xp)
Etiquette (covenfolk): 2 (15 xp)
Folk Ken (covenfolk): 3 (30 xp)
Bargain (staples): 3 (30 xp)
Intrigue (covenfolks): 2 (15 xp)
Profession: Servant (kitch): 3 (30 xp)
Animal Handling (pack mule): 2 (15 xp)
Charm (first impressions): 3 + 2 (30 xp)
craft, tanning: 2 (15 xp)


Tristan grew up in a town not all that far from Fengheld. He was
the son of folks of limited means (assistants in a tannery). It happened that
a time or two, Tristan was able and willing to tell the magi things
that were helpful. Thus, when his parents died when he was 10, he went
to the covenant for help. They were not sure what to do with him, but
he was sufficiently charming that he was likely to be useful. He served
as an assistant servant in the house, working in many different areas.
When (about 6 years ago) Herman needed a servant, the covenant decided
to give him the gossipy Tristan. 4 years ago, when Herman and his parens
relocated to Irencilla, Tristan came with them. Tristan found Irencilla somewhat
difficult, and is quite happy that they are moving elsewhere.

Done, sorry.

No problem, this was not something I'd asked of the others before.

Now, to comments... :smiley:

As a general comment, the background and young age for both seem to imply that they were very recently assigned to Herman. But getting used to a magus' Gift takes years of exposure. Which is why a shield grog is usually assigned to an apprentice 4 to 7 years before the expected end of his apprenticeship. This can be later than that, but then it would need to be an older grog/covenfolk so that they'd have experience with magi in general. So you may want to adjust things accordingly, by either making them older or changing their background.

Note that Irencillia's grogs and covenfolk are described by Guardiand of the Forest as "either humans with faerie blood or faeries who have dwelt too long among humans — they have lived at Irencillia among both peoples for so long now that it is impossible to tell." It might be the reason why neither Tristan nor Wolfred were welcomed to stay there, but having neither of them show any sign of Faerie influence is a bit strange.

In general, up to now you've described Herman and his entourage from having grown close to Irencillia. Note that it is in no way mandatory -- Herman's pater could have originally been from another covenant, but moved there in the later years of Herman's apprenticeship. His mundanes could have followed him there, but never fit in.

Language would probably be High German. Specialization is usually related to a specific region, but I don't have any problem with swearing. :laughing:

An alternative to Etiquette would be Profession: Soldier. It would be less about formal etiquette applicable to other situations, but would also cover things like discipline, organizing camps, strategy, etc.

Again, High German would be the language. "Prose" seems an unusual specialization for someone brought up from a poor(er) background.

Cleaning and Cooking are not abilities as such. They are a bit too narrow. Profession: Cook and/or Profession: Servant would cover such skills and much more. If his cleaning skills are really more regarding the kitchen, then it could simply be a specialization of Profession: Cook. In short, there is really no need to have two seperate abilities.

What did his parent do before they died? He would probably have some skill in that. The same is also true of Wolfred, now that I think of it. Even more so, as most of his abilities seem to be combat-related, even though his background say that his parents were not warriors themselves.

Good first drafts. :smiley:

I have made a first set of changes.
I like the idea of Herman having moved to Irencilla. If so, let me know what covenant it would make sense for him (and his pater) to have moved from.
I had figured that since Tristan had been with the covenant for 8 years, 4 of them with Herman, that was enough years of acclimatizing. I can add a few if you want. I did not add any parental skill learnings, since I don't think he ever learned to deal with the mess that is tanning hides.

Do you have Guardians of the Forest? If you do, you can choose the covenant that Herman's pater came from. Not that it matters greatly.

Most children start helping their parents around age 5, so yes Tristan could (probably would) have picked something of the profession. But if he was picked up around age 10, he does not really need to be aged. But there might have been a lot of friction between the two at first, what with Tristan still quite young and Herman's Gift. This might still colour their relationship.

Otherwise, they're good for me.

I do not have Guardians of the Forest. (I am getting about one supplement a month, and have not gotten to the tribunal ones yet.) If you could suggest a covenant, I will edit the background in all three posts. Also let me know what the terrain is like there, as I will need to adjust the survival specialty.

Having a bit of surface friction (almost habit) between Tristan and Herman is fine. I can add an extra year and 2 levels of tanning craft if you think that is appropriate.

What kind of apprenticeship would you like your magus to have had? Possibilities would be Durenmar (meh, all Bonisagus seem to want to be from there), Fengheld (more hierarchical with a sprawling fortress in low mountains), Triamore (more mundane). Your pater (and Herman) may even have come from another Tribunal altogether. Like the Greater Alps, if you want to keep it a German-speaking place. Although the kind of Low German spoken at the covenant is just as intelligible to English-speakers as to those who use High German. I don't own the tribunal book for the Greater Alps, but it hardly matters. If the covenant was far away, it won't come into play.

You could also reduce his Etiquette score. It is unlikely to be a highly-useful ability in this saga.

I reduced Tristan's etiquette, and added tanning. Fengheld will work fine. I will get the three posts updated later today.

Adjusted locations. As for the first year after leaving Irencilla, Herman would have spent the time following up on rumors of Vis sources. He would have started out near Fenghelp, sinc ehe would have known the area a bit. He would not even have bothered looking for visiting priviledges there. As he worked his way following rumors, he would have talked to covenants in the areas to make sure he did not trespass on Vis sources, let them know he was in the area, and to see about visiting priviledges. In each case he would have decided that the cost of visiting was not worth it.