Hermes Portal Back Issues

OK, I still don't understand how we can go about getting copies of HP.



Any news on this topic, Jarkman?


I believe you can email Eric and ask for copies.

  • Alex -

Yup, I know. Jarkman wasd trying to simplify Eric's work, so that the HP issues were more easily available, AFAIK. hence the question



Well, we can email Eric and ask for copies, but that doesn't mean we'll necessarily hear anything back... :confused:


Forgive me, but I have 2 exams next week so it's slipped down my priority list for the moment - check back in about a week or so - rebump this thread if necessary to remind me.

I approached Eric with a few suggestions.

He's happy to make HP freely available but this means redoing the site and unlocking the PDFs etc which will take time. As noted above he's not playing ArM5 anymore and he's in the middle of getting a translation of his work published, so give him a chance.

I believe he is trying to come to an arrangement with Alex about some unpublished articles and old subscriptions which may transfer to the new incarnation of the Ars fanzine.

I don't think e23 is an option for a number of complex reasons including setup price and possible permission issues with Atlas, but I haven't had a chance to pursue this further.

I'e offered to host the unlocked PDFs on behalf of Eric (I have all 15 issues in European format, the Calendar and a complete Table of Contents ready to go), but I'm not going to do that without Eric's permission obviously.

The files total 60MB though and I don't have enough free webspace through my current ISP so I'll have to work out another option, scrounge for space on other free sites or pay for a reasonable size account using .Mac (which I've been considering) or something similar.

I'm prepared to do this, and knock up a easy webpage for people to access but I've currently got more pressing concerns over the next week and probably the next 2 months until my exams have finished.

In the meantime, people can contact Eric, but it's not his priority.

For those who have published in HP, according to the Writer's Guidelines and publishing agreement of 9 months, since acceptance you are now free to publish your articles elsewhere - this is another way of making your work, particularly any ArM4 pieces, available to the community.

I'd urge people to consider submitting these old HP articles to Niall's Sanctum Hermeticum Revisited site ( or using elements from your pieces and enter the current Open Call (

How far I go with the HP back issues depends on interest level from the community - if only a few people are interested, it may not be worth the effort.

I'll update anyone interested in a couple of weeks time.



Since it's been a few weeks, bump! :smiley: I'd definitely be interested in reading some of the old HP articles.

I'm still working on this - only had my exam yesterday.



Thanks for the reply. Late exams though-got delayed, I'm guessing?

Don't get me started.

Back to study...



As an update:

John Nephew is very, very busy but has remarked he has no major problem with the HP Back Issues being made available through e23 or a similar medium.

If Eric is agreeable, I'll try to start setting this up in about a month or so.

If anyone has a way of contacting Damelon for old Mythic Perspectives files, I'd gladly try to do the same for that fanzine gratis - It would be a shame to let all that old material just expire IMO.



If I don't forget to do it (I'm rather senile :blush: ), I should be able to ask permission.

Looks like things may sort themselves out sooner than I thought.



I would also be interested to see those back issue. Very interested...
I don't have any email of anyone here, are the issues already available ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Eric emailed me a while ago to say that he'd made the first 10 or so issues available for download (European and US format) from the old HP site.

So there's no need for e23 etc.

He was going to make an announcement when the rest of the issues were up but perhaps the recent downtime of the Berklist interrupted that?

On a quick check at the site, there's a new "Download" link to:

All 15 issues and the Calendar now appear to be available!

Enjoy and kudos to Eric and all contributors,


Thank you.

I bought the issues from 9 on. This is very much appreciated. Thanks to all involved!


chokes on coffee from laughter

The Calendar is worth the wait alone. Most excellent!

Just in way of an update.

Atlas has posted my PDF of the compiled table of contents for Hermes Portal as a handy reference: ... ntents.pdf

which includes a link to the backissues here: ... ermes1.htm

and a link to it's spiritual successor, Sub Rosa:

The second issue is due out any day now...



Much thanks to make available those hermes portals. In our previous campaign, I actually made a long story on the island of Manx. The last ussues would have been of a great use !
I regret I didn't knew it's content.

Haveing read extensively those HP, I'm thinking seriously about getting Subrosa.
I suggest to make available the table of contents of each issue of Sub Rosa. Maybe it is already the case. But then, I suggest to be a bit more "aggressive" in your "marketing". :wink:
Sometimes it's doesn't hurt to be bombarded by information :wink:
Long live Sub Rosa!