Hermetic Ceremony virtue

The Hyperborean chapter in Ancient Magic has a magic-aligned Ceremony supernatural ability and in Grogs it talks about initiating grogs to gain this ability so they can aid in supernatural ceremonies which got me thinking about a possible breakthrough for hermetic magic that would allow for relatively mundane helpers for rituals. I’m not sure how it would work, exactly, but a lot of religious/theurgic sorts of practices in the distant past supposedly depended on group participation and I think it would be interesting for some of the more religious mystery cults to seek a way to include this idea in their magic. Dunno, sort of just thinking out loud but wondering if others had this thought.

I believe there are other magic traditions which also have the ceremony ability, and that the ability has to be developed within the tradition, not learned from elsewhere. If it were developed as a hermetic ability it would make already massively powerful magi even more overpowered...

I cannot recommend having a Ceremony ability associated with the magic realm.
It breaks everything very fast.

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I wouldn’t want it possible for Hermetic magic to use ceremonial assistant. Not without the Gift or at least some virtue.
With a mystery virtue I could accept this for an antagonistic hedge cult, just to boost the challenge by allowing them extra casting total