Hermetic Ghosts

What is the Magical Resistance of the ghost of a magus who does not perform the parma ritual?

  1. Might?

  2. Form?

  3. Might+Form?

This specifically related to Calebais.

We are eactually also playing Calebais at the time...

Might. The ghosts, in Calebais that is, actually do not have the Forms as in breathing life but can use their Powers to make magic similiar to hermetic Forms....

Ohhh - and I wouldn't apply the Parma Magica to them either... They are now creatures of might and only remiscient of their former selves.

Why do you think so? Is this explicit?

First of all I would expect it to be explicit if it was the other way around.

These entities are not hermetic magi - they are the ghosts of former hermetic magi. To portray them being in the midst of doing the Parma would be a nice touch and you might say that it protects them against the other ghosts magic, as it is described that they are real to one another. But they are not magi anymore and the only way they can affect the world of the living (explicit) is if they posses Powers (fueled by their Might) that allows them to do so - which most of them consequently do - and if so it cost them temporary Might to do so. The Parma is a magic ritual and since none of them have Powers that copies it, I don't see any rationale for using Parma (except as mentioned to add to the feel if not the mechanics of meeting them).

I'm a bit in doubt when it comes to Penetration - I don't see it as a seperate magic power, but rather a skill, and might allow it added to the penetration of their Might powered spells. Since the core book says that creatures may add Penetration to their powers - which is otherwise only Might minus (cost of Power times five) - it isn't farfetched.

But this is anyway a mute point since all the ghosts portrayed in Calebais would have a lesser Magic Resistance with their Parma alone than with their Might....

That's my take - which I find is well rooted in the rules - but that doesn't change the fact that you can of course do however you prefer if it suits your saga better.

On a final note - having spent the better part of 12 sessions (...!) in Calebais and still not being through, I don't see a need for upgrading the Magic Resistance further than their already formidable Might.