Hermetic landscape of the British Isles in 899 A.D.

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I've twice run a story which features a flashback to 899 A.D. (once set in the Lake District and once on the Croatian coast). I'm getting ready to run it again, returning it to the Lake District, this time as a one-shot to introduce some folks to ArM. (I'm hoping to polish it some more and post it to the web for others to use...ArM5 certainly needs more adventures available!)

The basic premise is the Wizards War between Rosalba and Blackthorn mentioned in the history of Heirs to Merlin. The PCs for the flashback include a Mercere and two young wizards from Castrum Antiquum who are escorting her. I thought it might be nice to include a map of the Hermetic situation in the British Isles.

So I'm looking for help on what the British Isles look like, in a Hermetic landscape sense, at this time. Assuming "canonical" covenants, I know what the Stonehenge Tribunal looks like, based on the timeline from HtM. But what about Ireland and Scotland? I can likewise infer a covenant or three from the Hibernian Tribunal summary in the original OoH, but I'm thinking there are probably some Diedne covenants or something scattered about, just like the Nameless Covenant in the Stonehenge Tribunal from HtM. Does the Loch Leglean Tribunal even exist? Etc.

I'd just appreciate hearing what other people imagine it would look like.

Also, right now the Redcap's escort consists of a Jerbiton and Bjornaer. I am very much tempted to change one of these to a Diedne, and would welcome thoughts on that as well...

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According to Wizards of the Coast's second-rate Lion of the North sourcebook, the following dates can be assigned to the major events of the Tribunal of Loch Leglean before 899.

816: Ordo Miscellanea formed by Pralix filia Tytalus to unite the British magicians against Dav'nalleous. After his defeat the Praeses Septentrionalis (Northern Guard) is created to watch against his return.

817: British Isles divided in to three Hermetic Tribunals (Stonehenge, Loch Leglean, Hibernia). Ordo Miscellanea admitted to the Order of Hermes. Covenant of Loch Leglean founded by Pralix. Covenant of Holy Oak founded (Diedne).

834: The Well of the Head founded (Diedne).

843 - 849: Diedne aid Kenneth Mac Alpin, first king of Scotland, in conquering the Picts. The Diedne destroy the Pictish covenant of Peanhafel. The also assist in wiping out all traces of Pictish language and culture. (Why? I don't know.)

889: Covenant of Heart's Delight destroyed by the returned Dav'nalleous. The Praeses Septentrionalis are wiped out.

890: Dav'nalleous flees in defeat to Shetland, disappearing. Pralix forbids the Flambeau from hunting him, and orders them from Scotland.

That's about it. None of the covenants described in the book (Horsingas, Crun Clach, Mac Gruagach) were yet founded. There sre no details of Loch Leglean's demise given, but it is not there in 1220, and the ex Miscellanea Domus Magna is by then at Cad Gadu in Wales. Presumably it just sank into winter and never recovered. In 899, however, it should probably be at the height of summer.

In England, according to Heirs to Merlin, there was a Diedne covenant located on the Isle of Anglesey, and another whose location remains unspecified. My best guess would be at or near (perhaps beneath) Stonehenge itself.

The only canonical covenant in the Hibernian tribunal I can recall would be Cliffheart. Ashenrise would not yet exist, being founded by the magi driven out from Tagelyn in 1062.

That's about it. Hope it's of some use to you.

Incidentally, since I don't have the Lion Rampant edition of Order of Hermes, what are the three Hibernian covenants named there?

This has actually inspired me to write something up about the history of the Loch Leglean covenant, perhaps with a view to running a game based around refounding it in 1220. If it comes to anything, I'll be happy to share it.

I did write up details for the ruins of a Diedne covenant located in old barrows near Stonehenge for the players to explore in a game some years ago. It's been years since I even thought about it, but if I can find them, I may post them somewhere.

I no longer keep my Order of Hermes book in my back pocket. :wink:

I'll look it up tommorrow and post them- unless someone beats me to it.

Cliffheart comes to mind, but I'm getting old and delusional...

I remeber one called ashenrise but this covenant would have post-dated your period of interest.

I've just checked, and in the White Wolf edition of the rulebook they're named as Cliffheart, Ashenrise and Circulus Ruber. I take it these are the same?

The Pictish Language Score (Spoken) is used as part of the Casting Total for Geas , Gift or Curse.

Removing both these abilities would severely limit the casting power of Gruagach.

Well, there's your answer then.