Hermetic Magic and botches

Hi there!

I was designing some creocorpus guidelines as betaSG:
3 : remove 1 botche die when rolling for botch after a 0 occurs in recovery roll.
10: remove 2
25: remove 3

But, the AlphaSG stated that hermetic magic cannot act on botch.

But: gold cord isn't applying on botch?
Aren't they any other example of botch acting in spells?

I liked the guidelines i created for a npc... too bad!

While I don't exactly follow your SG's logic, I suppose if we consider botch dice to be an abstraction of fate & circumstance it couldn't be readilly perceived (and thus affected by) Hermetic Magic.

As for The Golden Cord, I'm not sure whether Merinita's Familiar Binding Ritual is fully Hermetic or a result of seperate magical Breakthroughs (like Longevity Potions or the Parma Magica).

~ Gremlin44

Many examples, but no spells. First, the spell would have to be, to my thinking, mutovim. And the rules make it hard to use mutovim on other spells. Second, you would have to cast it without knowing if you had botched, for Hermetic Magic can't undo warping or the effects of twilight. Given that you have to case it on every spell that could botch, you have pretty much doubled your chance of rolling a one, yes? Seems counterproductive. If you are worried about botches, make magic items. End of problem.

A botch is when you do a mistake or fail to do something correctly.
And once its happened, you cant undo it.

And since the magic itself cant judge wether you botch or not, magic cant prevent botches.
At best you could try using wards against magic or something to reduce the damage from external effects of a botched spell, but you cant affect the botch or the direct and internal results of it, like warping inflicted because trying to shield against that would mean shielding yourself totally from magic, which would mean that you couldnt cast spells at all, they would be zeroed out by the wards.