Hermetic Magic and the Binding Goetic Art

Hello everyone :smiley: ,

after a painful battle with an Infernalist my Magus wants to access to the benefits of the Goetic Art of Binding presented in "Realms of Powers: The Infernal", for belance reasons the Storyguide and I agree that these powers are behind the reach of "normal" Hermetic Magic.

With this art a sorcerer in fact can change a spirit so that it become part of a person or a thing; in the first case the sorcerer gain many benefits (the magic might, the powers and the abilities of the spirit bounded, well as a better version of longevity ritual) and in the second the magus can prepare an object as an invested device whithout the need of vis.

We came to the conclusion that a Magus to replicate the powers of Binding has two options:

  1. Gain the Goetic Art of Binding itself (and perhaps also the Chthonic Magic virtue for further boosting) and design hermetic spells with the Goetic Mastery ability, but the magus will have to contend with the infernal powers that sooner or later will corrupt and drag him to hell.

  2. Embark on an original research project (it is a Minor Breakthrough so 30 points are needed) and acquire the new virtue "Hermetic Binding" (see below).

Possessing this virtue the magus can access to this effect guideline:

General: Bind a spirit with Might equal to (the level of the spell + 10) to a person or object, the form requisite depends on the nature of the spirit (e.s. Mentem for ghosts). The bounded spirit gives all the benefits provided from the Goetic Art of Binding without any Infernal taint until the effect is used on demons.

We took as reference the apotropaic guideline used in the spell "The Wicked Jar" (p.122 and 123 of RoP:The Infernal).

What do you think about this virtue? All suggestions are welcome.

This'd be very powerfull, as you'd use 3 arts instead of 1 ability + 1 accelerated ability.

Note also that, by the RAW, there are no magical equivalents to Binding, who is always an infernal power, so it may very well be possible (and, IMO, more balanced, but that's only my point of view) that an hermetic version would be weaker.

IMO, you should also look at the Bind Magical Creatures verditius mystery